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The Knowledge Hut

Join the Knowledge Hut!!!

The Knowledge Hut is a different way to expand your knowledge – find your own way to apply it to your life and practice – and a community to share and lean on as you do it!

There will be Live Workshops on my Youtube channel covering topics such as Spell Crafting/ Development – How to communicate with Spirits – Creating your own magical tools – Element work – and much more. These will be free to all who are able to attend at the time we go Live. They will not however be available to watch later unless you become a Patron.

Patrons will have access to all the videos at any time, as well as a second deeper dive workshop. Have real time and long term discussions – Discover a variety of other resources to broaden perspectives of each topic – Find others to connect to and even experiment with who are working in the same area as you – and a place to share, that is focused on personal experience and path development. Allowing the community to come together, ask questions, share ideas, and experiment with support. Taking learning from a static classroom feel, to a very interactive experience – connecting with others who are going through it with you and personal access to the presenter.

Community members will also receive Monthly Workshop schedules, exclusive treats and offers throughout the year, access to some exclusive content, and giveaways!

So come join us in the Knowledge Hut and help build a wonderful community that is focused on self discovery, personal experience, and personal practice!


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