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The Duality Series: Emotion and Thought


Guided journal to help you dive deep into self discovery and personal transformation. Understanding and building upon the interconnection of emotion and thought.

Dualities are all around us and contained within everything.
For every emotion, there is a complete opposite of that emotion.
For every thought, there is a complete opposite of that thought.
For every situation, there is both thought and emotion.
Through understanding the Duality between them – you are able to choose the right amount of each side to achieve your desired goals.

These questions help you to gain new understanding and perspectives while developing the skills of a cunning mind. Though they are specifically aimed at one thing or another, the process you learn is universal and can be applied to any situation.

By understanding how both emotions and thought work together and against each other, allows us to make better choices and actions to achieve what we need or desire.

By recognizing their capabilities and limits we are able to use them to our advantage instead of playing into their disadvantage.

By using them together we are able to alter and shape our own world both within ourselves and the one surrounding us.