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Digital Tarot Reading


Digital readings are an easy way to receive guidance and clarity without having to schedule an appointment or meet with another person.

I use a combination or tarot, oracle, and channeling for each reading, letting the cards tell the story they need to.

*If you are wanting a live reading – you can book those in the Spiritual Services section.


These readings are done by  submitting your questions, situation you would like clarity on, or general guidance below.  I will do the reading and place everything (pictures and written explanation of the reading) into a PDF file that you can access and download. You will also receive  special contact information for any questions or to talk about any aspects of the reading.


“I recently got a reading over the internet from Esa. First, I was very impressed with how spot on it was. I’m generally a little leary of how much energy can really be caught over text but she definitely reached out and found me for this reading. I was expecting a short few card pull and had given a general question that could easily just be yes or no. What I received was not only that answer but more direction and depth than I have gotten in most readings I have sat for. I feel Esa has a beautifully pure connection to spirit. A connection that is rarely seen. I would highly recommend her services for anyone seeking wisdom, insight, or spiritual direction.” – Jennie

“Esa is an amazing reader! She knew things that I never mentioned and my readings always come to pass. She takes the time to go deep, and walks me through every aspect. I keep coming back because she is the real deal. Her connection is amazing  and unmatched in my experience. I highly recommend her.” – Casey

It can take up to 7 days to get these readings back, so your patience is appreciated.