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Death’s Emissary – Spirit Walking and Death Doula Course


This course was developed to bring the two sides of Death Work into one cohesive structure from a Paganistic/ Anamistic perspective. Starting with the personal journey and experience of Spirit Walking, gaining real illumination and wisdom from the secrets the Spirit realm holds, and combining that with the professional knowledge and skills of a Death Doula. By blending these two side you not only become a more powerful Death Worker, but also a much needed resource in our community.

Next Session Begins October 1st 2024

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Join us on this profound exploration of Death, where the wisdom of spirit meets contemporary practices. Embarking on a transformative journey as you gain the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to navigate the realms of the Dead and assist others on their path of crossing-over.

Enroll now and unlock the mysteries of Death in a supportive and empowering community!

There is limited space within each session to accommodate the in-depth learning and one-on-one guidance for all participants – so book your spot early!

Click Here to see full details and course outline.

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