Book 1: Practical Principles Of Magical Path-work



This book is based on my own experiences, tested practices, and wisdom I have gained along the way. It is a great starting point for those who are newer to witchcraft – paganism – and their spiritual journey, as well as, our seasoned people.

I hope it helps you along your own path and gives you some inspirations. After all, we aren’t meant to follow another’s – we are meant to explore, experiment, and find out what works for us!

Table of contents:




The Web of Energy (Gaia)

Eight Universal Laws

Three Principles of Three

3 Principles of Magic 

3 Principles of Existence 

3 Principle Energies 

Intentionality and Mindset

Body and Mind Starter Exercises

3 principles of magic Ritual, Divination, Meditation

Sigil Creation 

The Ogham or Rune Journey: Divination

Ogham :  pronounced “OH-um” 

Runes  (Elder Futhark – Norse)

Deity Work

Surface to the Core

8 Cycles of Physical Time

9th Aspect of Time

Breath – The Child 

Thought and Memory – The Youth 

Master Emotion – The Maiden 

Master Physical – The Father 

Frozen  – The Mother 

Soul Journey – The Sage 

Transcendance – The Crone 

Well of Destiny – Death / Rebirth

The Nine Gates