Seasons of Time Reading


Seasons of Time readings give you a glimpse into what is coming and knowledge to help you navigate it with confidence!

It includes two full path readings  giving you an overview of both the physical and spiritual aspects at play – Plus three monthly readings detailing out the specific energies at work, focuses to help you navigate them, and some tools to achieve success!

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Our life is filled with Seasons of time, flowing from one to the next as we move through the world. Some are easier and clearly laid out, while others are filled with more uncertainties and unknowns.

This is a special type of reading that gives you a glimpse into what is coming in the immediate future. Energies that are at play, things to be considered, and focuses to help you reach success.

It looks at both your day to day physical life and what is going on in your spiritual side. Showing you challenges ahead, energies at the forefront, things that may be hidden from you, and giving you the knowledge to help you navigate them all with confidence!

Life is complicated – Why not use a little foresight to help you walk it with more ease!

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Please allow up to 7 days for completion. I will notify you as soon as it is ready!