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Free CoreCraft Course

This is a free, 21 week long, shadow-work course. Shadow-work or Soul-work is about taking a deep dive within ourselves, gaining knowledge, uncovering what’s hidden, and personal growth.

This course has been developed to enhance the growth of anyone, no matter what spiritual or magical craft system you follow, how long you have practiced, or where you are in life. Throughout this course you will be learning not only how these concepts apply to your spiritualism or magical practice, but also to your day to day life as well.

The course starts on May 5, 2021. Every week, on Wednesdays, there will be a video and a new set of questions for you to work through. The video will cover the aspects of each CoreCraft and the questions are the shadow-work prompts for you to take a deep dive through. If you choose to participate on the Discord Group, you will be able to talk and share with others going through the course. You will also have direct access to the instructor via the Discord Group or email.

This can also be a good course for children who are homeschooling as it incorporates skills in Science, Language / Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creative development.