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Death’s Emissary

Spirit Work and Death Doula Course

“To Guide others through Death, we must first Know Her and Walk with Her.”

Welcome to the realm of spirit and the Well of Souls. Something has drawn you here, whether it be curiosity, a lust for knowledge, a desire for connection, or perhaps even a grief that still holds you. No matter the reason, the journey is the same.

This course was developed to bring the two sides of Death Work into one cohesive structure from a Spiritual / Anamistic perspective. Starting with the personal journey and experience of Spirit Walking, gaining real illumination and wisdom from the secrets the Spirit realm holds, and combining that with the professional knowledge and skills of a Death Doula. By blending these two side you not only become a more powerful Death Worker, but also a much needed resource in our community.

Next Session Begins October 1st 2024

Spirit Walking

Discover the art of Spirit Walking. Blending aspects of animistic, shamanic, and magical practices in its own unique way. Learning precise techniques and tools so you can navigate the world of Spirits, communicate with them, and forge powerful alliances with them. You will explore the aspects of Binding and Galdring Soul Runes. Using the power of Voice and vibration, to create the unique songs to call the spirits forth, to send your spirit outwards, and craft a new type of magic. Through the profound understandings and practices of Spirit Work, you will enhance your own abilities and skills as a Death Worker and Death Doula.

The Death-Rebirth pattern at its core is about transformation and transmutation work. That means you can apply the knowledge and skills acquired in this course to a variety of different fields including: helping stuck souls to heal and move on; guiding souls in reconciliation work in the Well so they can move onto their next journey; other work that deal in the Spirit Realm; and all the various life transformations and transitions we experience.

Death Doula

Embrace the role of a Death Doula, serving as a bridge between the living – the dying – and the dead, similar to how midwives facilitate the birthing process. This aspect of the course approaches the end-of-life journey through Spiritual and Animistic perspectives, providing comprehensive training to serve our growing and aging communities.

Drawing from my own wealth of professional experience as a CCRN/ Death Doula and educator, along with spiritual insights rooted in Spirit Work, I will help you develop the right tools, skills, and insights necessary to be a successful Guide for those crossing over and those left behind.


Embark on a year-long transformative journey!

This deep work demands time, patience, and focused effort as you acquire knowledge and develop essential skills. This is why it is structured as a year long course. To give you that time, to dive deeper into the lessons and allow them to become part of you. With a well-structured course outline, which you can see below, along with dedicated practice periods for skill absorption, this intensive program promises a year of personal growth and transformation.

There is a small daily practice that will take about 15 minutes to accomplish. It will require some dedicated time for it, ideally incorporated into your morning or end of the day routine.

The thing about dedication – if it is something you really want, you will make the time for it. We make time for all different aspects of our life, because it is important to us and we desire it. This undertaking is the same.

Community Building

Join an intimate and supportive community of like-minded individuals committed to this profound spiritual path, and that are going through the process with you. With limited class sizes, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the material, receive individual attention, and foster strong bonds with fellow participants.

Through a private Discord server, you will gain access to course materials, engage in seamless learning, and forge connections within the community.

Weekly live question and discussion forums, scheduled at alternating times to accommodate participants from various time zones, providing additional support and inspiration.

The instructor will also offer one-on-one guidance during weekly office hours or by appointment, to ensure you are getting the most out of this program.

Spirits and Guides

Forge deep connections and build solid communication with different spiritual Guides.

Throughout the course you will be introduced to several different types of Spirits, such as, Death Guides, The Mother of Souls, Ancestors of the Soul, and your Flygja – a spirit already connected to you and a powerful ally within magical practices. You will learn how to connect to them, communicate, and build working relationships with them, to further your Death Doula work.


Next Session Starts October 1st

Join us on this profound exploration of Death, where the wisdom of spirit meets contemporary practices. Embark on a transformative journey as you gain the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to navigate the realms of the Dead and assist others on their path of crossing-over.

Enroll now and unlock the mysteries of Death in a supportive and empowering community!

There is a limited number of spots available in order to promote the best learning environment, and foster community within it.

The cost is $750 for the full year. We realize it may be difficult for some to pay the full amount up front so we have included a split payment option as well – where you pay half now ($375) and the other half ($375) before the session begins.

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**All Classes and discussion groups will be recorded and stored on the private server throughout the course and up to a year afterwards, so participants do not miss out on anything due to a scheduling conflict and they can go back and review at their leisure. If you have questions but can not make it to the Live Discussion, you can email them in and I will answer them during the Live. 

Course Outline


Intro to Spirit Walking– history. Tools of: staff / seat / song / hood – Shield/Horn/Sword – That which Drives Life – Walking with Death, Living in Life

Guides for this work: Introduction to Death Guides (Reapers, Keepers, and Fates) and the Ancestral Soul

Divination for Conversation: Letting your Guides teach you. Tarot – Trance work: exercises

Connecting – Building Bonds – Working With: Spirits. Types of Spirits/ Allies.  Ancestors – The Dead – Animal – Your Flygja:

*4th Cross – Quarter (Samhain) Ritual and celebration


Soul Runes: understanding – connecting – bonding + Personal Rune Journey

Bind and Galdr the Runes

Creating Your Staff

-Guided Journey Exercises

-Bind and Galdr exercises

(Dec practice)

Putting into practice –

Spirit bonding, Trance/ Spirit Walking, Building your Staff, Rune Journey and Work

*Winter Solstice Ritual and Celebration


Magical practices in Spirit Work

Songs of Spirit Work

development exercises


The Mists – Spirit Walking

The Web  – the Tree – the Wells

Snake, Wolf, Giant – the Road to the Dead

Nature of the Soul – Theory and Perspectives – Spiritual and Scientific

(March Practice/ Break)

Roles of a Death Doula – the difference between them and other end of life care givers

Grief Process: of the Living and the Dying (2 parts)

Ethics in Death Doula work

Exercise: Defining your ethics and role in helping another soul cross over


Perspectives of Death – and the Fear

Dealing with different cultures and religions

“Holding Space”

Caring for yourself during the processes

Exercise: Develop a plan for dealing with people of different belief systems then you and boundaries for your own self health/ healing

(June Break)

*Summer Solstice Ritual and Celebration


Compassion not Empathy – Differentiating Perspective

Walking with Death – Being Death’s Emissary

Focus on the Life left – The Dying and the Living

Rituals and superstitions that have practical applications

Exercise: Start developing your own book of prayers, rituals, and spells


the Moment of Death (Soul Crossing)

After Care for the Living – Those who remain

Grief and Healing go hand in hand

Spiritual Practices, Rituals, and Honoring the Dead


Ending Celebration – Your Transformation through The Well

-Certificate of Completion from the Temple of the Crane

.Tools you will need for this course:

– 2 Journals: to keep records of your personal journey and to keep notes and ideas in. This can take any form you choose. I personally recommend simple spiral notebooks for this – you can always transfer over any key information into a “pretty” one later. You can also keep digital ones, as long as they are something you will keep going back to reflect on. I have encountered many who start with a digital journal, but were less likely to go back and work with them.

– a Staff: The best staffs in my opinion are ones we go out and find in nature. Fallen branches can form into great allies. It should to be at least 2 feet long and I would recommend not any taller than yourself. You can buy one if you want, but I would recommend one that didn’t have any carvings or symbols on it. As you work through Seidr you will be creating and infusing magic into it, so the more “unfinished” the better.

– Tarot deck: You will specifically need the Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck. You can find it locally or buy the deck here:

– Mala: This can either be a string with 108 knot in it, a string of 108 beads, or you can purchase a mala (Example)

All other materials will be provided to you.

**All Classes and discussion groups will be recorded and stored on the private server throughout the course and up to a year afterwards, so participants do not miss out on anything due to a scheduling conflict and they can go back and review at their leisure. If you have questions but can not make it to the Live Discussion, you can email them in and I will answer them during the Live. 

About the Instructor

Esa has devoted her life to guiding and healing, both in the spiritual and physical realms. She specializes in transformative and Death Work, understanding that change begins within. Her spiritual and magical practices reflect this philosophy.

She began her career as a CCRN / educator and Death Doula, spending almost 20 years helping both those who were crossing over and their loved ones left behind. Through this work, she developed a deep connection to the spiritual realm and gained knowledge about the interconnectedness between the soul, mind, and body.

I am an avid explorer and believe experimentation is the key to growth. Magic and Spirituality is personal – the bonds we build, the skills we hone, how we practice, all of this being developed along our journey. The rules and limitations are those of you and nature, not another person.”

She is a Death Doula, Author, Spirit Worker – Walker – and Guide for those wanting to build their own path and connections.

For any further Questions, please email: