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About Esa

Esa has dedicated her life to guiding and healing others, both within the physical and spiritual realms. Specializing in transformative practices, she recognizes that true change originates from within. Her spiritual and magical methodologies are a testament to this belief.

Commencing her professional journey as a CCRN and Death Doula, Esa guided individuals through the journey of crossing over, and healing of the loved ones left behind. With over 35 years of dedicated magical practice complementing her clinical experience, she has cultivated a profound communion with the spirit realm. This communion has enriched her understanding of the intricate connections between soul, mind, and body – the seen and unseen.

Drawing from her extensive and varied background, Esa has forged a distinctive path, sharing her insights, frameworks, and methodologies to inspire and empower others on their own transformative journeys. Beyond her role as an author and columnist on Patheos, Esa serves as an educator, offering a comprehensive year-long Death’s Emissary, Death Doula course, combining the spiritual, magical, and physical components of death work.

She also a leader in Temple of the Crane and one of the founders of The Sisters of the Well, organizations dedicated to fostering personal spiritual growth and community.