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Welcome to Esa’s Valley

We live within arcane lore, secret knowledge. We thrive on the edges, the fringes, the places where things grow and die, ravel and unravel, in the mists where this world bleeds into the other. If you seek knowledge, learn patience, for we guard our secrets well. The deepest answers will only come to the skillful questioner and those who know how to listen. – Crane Practitioner

Soul Runes

“The dice roll once again, illuminating shadows and guiding me forward.”

Soul Runes are more than just symbols; they are a complete magical system. Gateways to illumination, deeper understanding, and transformation. Each symbol holds unique energies and meanings, waiting to be unlocked through your practice. From simple readings and shadow work, to complex spells and rituals, discover how these mystical tools can enrich your spiritual practice.

I am creating a whole video series on Soul Runes – from basics to advanced practices. Go here to follow along : Temple Crane – YouTube

If you want to buy a set of custom made Soul Runes that are magically set for you, head over to my shop at the tope of the page.

Embrace Your Calling as Death’s Emissary!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that merges ancient wisdom with modern practices? Introducing the Death’s Emissary course, where you’ll delve deep into the realms of Death Work, and Death Doula work, from a Paganistic, Animistic, and Magical perspective.

Discover the art of Spirit Walking, unlocking the hidden mysteries of the spirit realm to gain wisdom and illumination from them. This personal journey sets the stage for your evolution into a skilled Death Doula and Death worker, blending professional expertise with spiritual insight and personal experience.

But this course isn’t just about attending to the dying; it’s about embracing the broader spectrum of Death Work. Imagine guiding souls through transformative care, facilitating soul healing and shadow work, and communing with spirits. As a Death Emissary, you’ll navigate the intricacies of spirit communication and mediumship, offering solace to grieving hearts and helping stuck souls find their way. The skills you’ll acquire in this course are applicable across various professions. It’s about transformation—a death that leads to rebirth, an ending that sparks new beginnings. Death isn’t to be feared; it’s an integral part of life’s journey, and you can become a beacon of comfort and guidance in your community.

Join us in becoming a powerful force of compassion and knowledge as a Death’s Emissary. Enroll today and discover a deeper calling in the circle of life and beyond. Together, we’ll redefine what it means to embrace the journey of Death Work. To learn more and claim your place, click here:

New Release!

In a world filled with countless mystical paths, Crane Tradition stands apart as a beacon for those seeking effective structures and tools to embark on their own spiritual journey. More than just a tradition, it’s a dynamic framework designed to empower individuals like you to explore and evolve your magical and spiritual practices.

Imagine a tradition that isn’t bound by rigid rules but instead revolves around your own unique journey. Crane Tradition offers the keys to unlock knowledge, perspectives, and deep understandings, providing a solid foundation while encouraging you to discover and develop your own path.

In Crane Tradition, the focus isn’t just on beliefs — it’s on achieving real, tangible results in your spiritual and magical pursuits. Join us and discover a tradition that not only welcomes you but empowers you to define what truly works for you.

Take the first step towards a transformative journey with Crane Tradition — where tradition meets innovation, and where your spiritual growth is nurtured by a supportive community of like-minded explorers. Embrace a tradition that honors and celebrates your individuality, while it guides you towards meaningful discoveries.

Grimoire of the Crane