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Home » Fire of the Guardian – A Summer Solstice Ritual

Fire of the Guardian – A Summer Solstice Ritual

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This Ritual comes from the Crane Tradition.

Here is some info for those not familiar with the terminology and Soul Runes:

The Wheel: another way to see the Master Pattern/ Cycle of Crane practice. It is seen in the moon cycles, sun cycles, transformation cycles, growth cycles, etc.

Mother of Souls: The core of the Divine Feminine, the Dark Goddess. Focus is on the spiritual planes, between worlds, and the Soul.

Father of Worlds: The core of the Divine Masculine, Focus is on the material plane, physical world, body.

Soul Runes: The divination dice you see near the end are Soul Runes. They are a specific divination tool for Crane Practice. There are two sets in one – Runes for the Soul/ inner self – one for the Body/ external self/ external world. To learn more and get your own set of Soul Runes custom made and set for each buyer, go to the store here on this site.