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The Divine Duality – The Mother of Souls and The Father of Worlds

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The Divine Duality is an ancient concept – the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Seen across nature, Pantheons, and within each of us. Every soul contains both of them. They are two sides of one Duality, both working in alignment for the same goal but moving in different ways.

The Goddess Exsu

Mother of Souls, the Great Mother – The Goddess Exsu has many names and faces across all cultures and traditions. She is the core of the Dark Goddess energy, the pattern that contains all of them. Each individual Goddess is a reflection of Her. She is the Divine Feminine that is a part of each of us, and it is through that connection that She comes to us. We perceive Her in the form and name that is needed at that time for the lessons and growth we need to go through.

“Exsu” means an “an end for a beginning.” She is both Death and Creation – Transformation, for Her domain is the Soul. It is the Soul that is eternal, what is reborn in every death, and the spark of creation in every life.

The God Ushar

Father of Worlds, The God Ushar, is the counterpart to the Goddess Exsu. With many names, many faces, yet His domain is the Body – the physical body and physical world. He is the Core of the Life God energy. He presides over the protection, nurturing, and experience of the Soul while it is housed in the body. He is the shield for the Soul.

“Ushar” means “Love and Trust.” What governs the physical body and moves it.

The Master Pattern

Their Dualities

Hope and Love

The Goddess Exsu moves from a place of Hope. It is Hope that governs the movement of the Soul. All the possibilities, what could be created, what could be learned, what boundaries could be broken. Even a mother bearing children is creating for the aspect of Hope – future generations and continuations of humanity.

The God Ushar moves from a place of Love. Love is what creates the need to protect. It why we nurture because we want the creation to grow, to be healthy, to reach its full potential. Many people, when thinking of the Divine Masculine think of the aggressive natures, the destructive forces – but those are just actions/ reactions because they are protecting that which is Loved.

The core of the Feminine is Hope, She moves because of Hope/ potential – The Core of the Masculine is Love, He moves because of Love.

Together: She clears the way and sparks the creation of what could be. He nurtures and protects the creation as it grows and reaches its potential. In the end it is the Soul/Self that reaps the bounty of the individual journey and the world that reaps what is created upon it, both transformed through the experience.

Soul and Body

The Goddess Exsu is concerned with the Soul, the inner self, the individual. The experiences that push it learn, grow, and become more. The journey it takes through each life, adding and incorporating what is gained, and preparing to do it all again – the Ancestral Soul. She is the Keeper of the Well, the Guide to the Souls as they reconcile and transform in that process. She is the Guide for the spark of Life, the creation, the beginning of the next journey. An endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

The extent of Her concerns about our physical world is limited by that focus. It is the Souls, individually and interconnected – human and nature – living and spirits, that concerns Her. She is the eternal energy and He is the playground that She plays upon.

The God Ushar is concerned with the Body, the physical world. The outer self, the community, the ecosystem. He protects the Soul on its journey of exploration and growth. He nurtures the Soul through the experiences, providing the environment for them to occur. That gives it the means to experience and transform. He is the Father of Worlds – the Web that all the energies sit upon, the tree that connects all the planes, giving them a place to move through and upon.

He sees and protects the individual souls, but His highest concern is the collective together. He is the medium that allows something to thrive or fade away. He is the physical form of all things, the matter that holds the energy – the soul.

Moon and Sun

The Goddess’s cycle is marked by the Moon, holding both shadow and light. It is faster because it is the movement of an individual.

The God’s cycle is marked by the Sun, illuminating and creating movement. It is slower because as a collective we move slower. It takes time and patience to move a group in the same direction – time for the ripples to grow.

Each side having smaller and larger cycles of time. The Moon moves through the Master Cycle every 28 days and then a larger cycle every 3 years. The Sun moves through the Master cycle yearly and in Ages (every 100 years, 2,100 years, and 25,000 years).

The Moon marking time for the Soul and the Sun marking time for the whole.

The Elements

Both sides hold all the elements, just as all the elements reside within us, just as every element holds its own duality reflected by Theirs. Each has two core elements though that govern the “why” of the actions.

The Goddess Exsu has Water and Fire at Her core. The Waters that hold the memories, all the wisdom, all the skills and abilities achieved in this life and all the lives before it. That moves fluidly, cutting their own path forward – just as our Soul does. The Water that is infused and transformed through vibration – emotion. The Fire that creates the emotion, the power to move, the fast action, and the ability to burn away all that does not serve the motion/ transformation.

The God Ushar has Earth and Air at His core. The Air that carries vibration, the voice that speaks, the breath that feeds, the outward expression of the inward experience. It is in Air that the movement is carried and spread to others. The Earth is the medium for the inward creation to manifest outward into the physical. It is the space shared by the many, experienced by many, and needed for the experience.

Element Book Series

The Trinity

The Feminine Divine and Masculine Divine are an inseparable Duality – Two sides of the core pattern of everything. This does not make Them one though – They are a Duality of opposites, with Their own domains and focuses. It is in the collaborative balance and alignment between them that bring the duality to harmony. As we see this in nature, within ourselves, the same is true for Them.

Each one holds destruction and creation – they just go about it differently. They both have the power of transformation – the difference comes in the drive behind the purpose.

She is the Soul, the eternal self and the reason for life. He is the Body that guards, protects, and nourishes the Soul. The Trinity is formed by the Goddess, the God, and Us – the mind experiencing and processing it all. It is in the triplicity, and understanding of it, that we come to wholeness. It is the Divine Feminine and Masculine that makes up the duality reflective of our Soul and Body – the alignment (or misalignment) of Them within us that makes up our whole self. The Self is like the center between Them, the overlap of Them, the place where all sides meet.

The Trinity is all three sides in alignment and working in harmony together. Each moving in their own way but for the same goal or outcome.

I see people often ask why a Deity would take the time or be interested in us as an individual, and it is because They are a part of us, as we are a part of Them. Both from a reflective sense and a literal one. They have a vested interest in us, because They are experiencing through us as well. We are already connected to Them, with a direct line, we just have to open the door. We already have the means to access all their wisdom, the hurdle is being able to process and understand it.

We see The Morrigan because we need the lessons of sovereignty, self discovery, and personal foundations. We see the God Kari because we need to understand what Justice really means as a collective and how to use our Voice to manifest in matter. We see Hecate because we need to illuminate things within us and the world around us. We see Mananann because we need to learn how to forge new outcomes through the present energies. These are just simplified examples, but it gives you the idea behind this.

They are vested in us because our growth is Their goal.

It is why Offerings are supposed to be a sacrifice – something that has a cost to us (and we are not talking money). The greatest offerings are ones of action, of service, of movement. The sacrifice feeds our growth, thus it feeds Them. The sacrifice should be something that is bringing us more into a harmonic alignment.

Our energy, time, focus, and work feeds the aspects of Them that reside in us. As we focus on Them, we focus on how the work within us, what that means, and how we can use that to move forward.

Ending Thoughts

“It does not matter the face or name you call Divine, all that matters is the connection.”

No matter how you see the duality between the Feminine and Masculine Divine – as pantheons, as Deities, as energy, or as just parts of the self – it exists within all of us.

We experience based upon how we can receive, conceive, and accept Them. They are both external and greater than us, as well as, a part of us. It is not a matter of “This OR That” separating dualities, drawing lines and creating conflicts – it is a matter of “This AND That” because all of these perspectives exist and are true depending on how you can perceive them.

The Divine Duality