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What is the story you tell about yourself?

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Every story begins with a journey. As you move through the journey you are shaping and creating the story that will be told.

Your soul has a story to tell you. One that it has been cultivating over many lives and that you have been adding to in this one. It whispers of the victories and the losses – what was gained and what it left behind. It weaves threads to show us the tapestry of who we are, and space for the stories of who we become.

The stories are the memories we carry deep down inside. We can pull strength and courage from them. We can create and build from the wisdom in them. We can unlock the gifts and skills that reside in them because they are already a part of us, laying in wait for us to raise them to the surface once again.

No matter what your personal belief system is, Ancestral Soul is universal. It is the part of our soul that carriers the memories, skills, and path of all our lives. It is the true marker of our growth, who we are at the core, and what power we hold. It is what ascends in each death, and transcends in each birth. No matter whether you see that as your inner voice, genetic memory, past lives, the collective consciousness, the divine that resides within – they are all true. Different names, perspectives, ways of understanding one concept.

There is a path for all of us. Each life, building upon the last.

We say “natural talents” – yet each one was built and developed and then carried forward.

We call it intuition – yet it is the wisdom within reaching out.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you touch, feel, and hear the memories of it every day. It is part of you and the whole you all at once. A piece of us that we push down and yearn to raise up all at once. When we embrace it, become aligned with it, accepting all parts of it, we heal ourselves. It is the in the healing that we fully understand who we are, what our path is – the legacy we build and carry forward to the next.

A message from one soul to another:

Call forth the ancestral power that lays within you. Enchant the mind, shifting it until it sees and understands – until it recognizes what has always been there. Then move – Gathering the power within the Self and celebrate your re-birth.

Wear your power proudly and without apology. Embracing the unending part of you. Surrender to it and clear the way for it to rise.

Actions to Embrace:

Follow yourself – trust yourself – what you feel, what you experience, what you know, and what comes to the surface. Only you can validate it and only you can know it – do not look beyond yourself for this.

Surrender to yourself.

Call forth the Ancestors within – for they are you and carried within you.

Questions to be answered. Each is a concept, the meaning and outcomes depend on the questions you form around them:

Only in standing in your own fire, your true and whole self, will you find success. The path you have been searching for outside of yourself, is within yourself right now.

Let the visions guide you. Trust in them. Let them be your dominant guide.

Spin the love that will transform you and rebirth you.

Everyday we make a choice to listen or ignore – to follow our feelings or what another tells us – to see ourselves in the wholeness or to divide ourselves into parts – to embrace who we are or change ourselves for others.

What will you choose today?

What story will you write with that choice?