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A Mirror, Candle, Chant, Cacao – Journey into the Ancestral Soul

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I’ve did a 9 day devotional to the Goddess Hel recently. Just to strengthen up/ freshen our bond since She is taking the drivers seat for this next phase of my journey.

She has been really focused on this mirror and adding in aspects as I go deeper trying to understand the scope of what She is saying. I have worked with mirrors in a lot of different ways, but this is different. This particular work has to do with the Ancestral soul. The ancestors that are a part of that piece of the soul. In a way you can see them as past selves – but each their own individual self and retaining that sovereignty, yet inseparable from me.

Tonight I am starting that journey in full force. I have spent the last couple of weeks learning the way She wants this done. The specific chant/ song to use in order to call them forth from within. Cleansing and setting the mirror for this specific task. Getting organic, real cacao. Finding the right candle (lavender and oak is where we landed). Figuring out the order and ritualistic nature of what I need to do.

I have ideas about what is going to happen. Things Hel has said along they way and seeing the magical foundations that are involved in all of this. I believe the mirror is going to act like a window. Not a gateway that many would assume, nothing is going through it from either side – but a window showing scenes.

I think this window is going to reveal specific people who make up my ancestral soul, and they are going to show me parts of their life. A window viewing very specific events and points of time. Time is definitely connected to all of this, so that is what has led me to this theory.

It requires darkness, so it requires a night ritual. I have been working for awhile to switch back to late nights vs the early mornings I have been doing over the last year or so. It has been hard though to retrain my body for that. The last couple of weeks have been the worst – waking up at all hours of the night, unable to sleep, and so when evening rolls around I am exhausted. Last night was good though. Perhaps because yesterday I finally got all the pieces for this fully prepared and set into place?

I did get woke up 2:30am because my daughter had a migraine and needed help, but I also slept in till 8am which was awesome. So tonight is the night.

I am going to spend some time today reflecting on everything Hel has shared with me about what we are doing. I might practice the chant a little more – but honestly it feels like it is stuck on repeat in my brain already.

Then tonight I am going to light the candle in front of the mirror, drink the cacao – drinking in the power of the Goddess Hel, place myself in that mindset, say the chant, and see what happens.