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Changing Things Up

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It has been awhile since I have written here. I have been working on several different projects which I will go into below, but really just trying to figure out where “everything” fits now. My Patheos column has contained a lot of the style of writing I would normally do here, and I hate being repetitive.

This area on my page originally started out as my Witch’s Journal. I envisioned it as a place to just write like I do in my physical journal – thoughts – experiments – experiences. It started to take shape though as more of a “professional” space, losing the stumbles and stutters of real life and magical practice.

Everyone expects a place where you are getting the end results, after all the mistakes, frustrations, and confusions have taken place. People want perfection, and perfection is an illusion. I think I have done ok on different platforms, including this one, about trying to show the realities of spiritual and magical work – the time, trial and error, the growth. Trying to let others see my own mistakes, why they happened, and how I got back up and just kept moving forward. Still I feel this missing space, and it is time for that to end.

The Witch’s Journal

If you want the more professional side of me, the finished product so to speak, go follow me over on Patheos. You can sign up for the newsletter and get all my articles emailed to you as they come out. You can go to my achieves to get an idea of the kind of content you will get there. All still my little authentic self, just a bit more polished perhaps.

If you want to just go through my journey with me, all the behind the scenes kind of stuff – to see me experimenting and philosophizing – getting frustrated and confused at times because my Guides are not always forth coming – working through new magic and just figuring it out – basically just a normal person trying to walk their path the best they can – then this is the place for you.

I kind of hope you follow me around on both because they will be different in style. We have gotten into a world of “experts” and “influencers” forgetting that our journey is lifelong, our learning is life long. Yes, I have deep knowledge and wisdom in many areas but I am also still moving forward, going deeper, and learning new things all the time. I don’t want to be static. I want to grow and transform over and over again, because that is what I do.

As to what else I have been working on…

Kari and His Seidkona

Kari’s Book

I am finishing up the last chapter of Kari’s book and then it will be ready to publish. I am really excited about this one because Kari is what I consider a forgotten God. He is Norse/ Northern pre-Aesir, and has deep connections to Voice. The only public information on Him is a short little paragraph that includes His lineage. I have spent several years working with Him, getting His stories, learning His lessons, and developing specific skills with Him.

I have also worked with others on building bonds with Him. Experimenting together to see any differences that might arise, and comparing experiences. I would have to say, Kari is probably the most consistent and focused Deity I have ever worked with. Even when His role in our practices may be different – He is steady as a rock in His lessons and guidance. It’s pretty incredible actually.

So after all this time Kari will finally have His own book, containing all the things I, and others, have learned from Him. Who He is and the deep impact His work can have on our lives.

A Community Project with the Goddess Hel

Hel and I have a long and complex relationship. I have done many journeys with Her. Learning from Her, especially in Spirit Walking – understanding the realm of the Dead/ Death – The Web, The Well, and Fates – and the art of Seidr (a specific way of spirit walking and magical working).

This fall I am running a Seidr Course. Specifically designed with Hel’s lessons and perspectives, what She has taught me. It will also include Kari’s lessons in the Runes – Bind – and Galdr, because they are needed in Seidr. Going through how to perform Seidr in all its capacities, including magical work and how to Spirit Walk (astral travel/ hedge crossing) – Creating your own Staff and other tools through the process – Taking your own Rune journey, learning how to Bind them, and bring them forth through the power of Voice (Galdr). This is just a quick snapshot – I will be going more in-depth with details and an outline of the course soon!

Personal work with Hel

What I will teaching in the course is all the previous work I have done with the Goddess Hel. Right now though, we are entering into new work. Diving deeper and expanding. I am not sure what this will be yet, or where we are going – but you will hear a lot about it here as I walk through it, lol.

Right now I am doing a 9 day devotional with Her. Strengthening up our bond and putting myself into the mental space of new work with Her. Each morning I am lighting Her candle, saying a specific prayer and then a 108 set mantra. In the evenings I am Spirit Walking with Her, listening, getting visions, and having conversations with Her. This isn’t the work coming, just the preparation for it.

Where I am

This is a good starting point for what comes next. It gave a quick brief on where I am right now and what is coming. How this page is shifting and where my writing is going. Where you can find my more polished and completed work, as well as, the behind-the-scenes craziness.