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The Morrigan is talking – Are we listening?

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The Morrigan has been talking about a very specific issue for awhile now. I have been hearing it for awhile now – She keeps bringing it up no matter how much I seem to talk about. It’s not just me either. There are many of us, who have walked with The Morrigan for a long time, that have been hearing this from Her especially over the past year. We have talked about it together and compared aspects that each of us have been given. 

That is what the video below is about. I was channeling Her for another reason – but in the end this is what She wanted to talk about. I personally feel it is because I see many talking about these things behind closed doors, but very little in the public sphere. Some of us are being public about it, but obviously not enough.

Do you walk with Her? Is She telling you these things too? What is She calling for you to do? I would love to connect more, hear your stories, and strengthen our community. So comment your experiences and Her messages in this area to you in the comments of the video (I do not turn on comments here due to the massive amount of scammers and not enough time to manage that aspect and do all my other work)