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If You are New Here – Start Here First!

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When I first started taking a real dive into astrology and planetary energies, I started finding some big discrepancies between people, systems, and apps. This included Birth charts, where planets were at, even what sign the moon was currently in. This was a huge problem for me. Energy matters. If we are looking at planetary, solar, lunar, and constellation energies – their exact positioning in real time really matters.

So I started asking the question “Why are there so many people and apps saying different things?”

The answer is because they all work off of a calculation system that is thousands of years old. Even Vedic, who accounts for movement, did not seem to be accounting for enough movement because they were off too. I completely understand that before our current access to information, few people had access to the tools to see what was really going on in our solar system. These systems helped them to calculate the best way they could. Times have changed though, and we do have real time access to where our planets and stars are at now.

I asked a lot of different astrologers around the world these questions about the discrepancies because I wanted to understand. The general answer I received was either “This is just how it is done” or “It doesn’t really matter as long as you are following the traditional way and calculations.” My favorite though (being sarcastic here) was one who said It didn’t matter as long as the collective viewed that energy in the same way.

If Energy is what drives astrology – then the actual positioning of that energy really matters. I realize that having to go and do your own research and calculations is time consuming, but if I am trying to use that energy, or make determinations based on that energy – it has to be real.

So what you are going to get here is going to be the actual positioning of the planets, sun, and moon, in reality. Where they actual are in our sky and what signs they are actually in.

I use a program called Stellarium ( that is comprised of data from observatories and satellites all over the world, giving us the best view of what is actually going on in our solar system. There is an app for it that you can download on your phone or use the website version. You can change the date and time going forward or backwards to see sky in the past – present – or future.

In my deep dive I had to go even further. I had the right positioning now for each of these energetic bodies, but their actual energy and the energy of the constellations varied a little between traditions. These parts are a little more subjective and depends on perspective. So I decided to research all of them so I could find the core energies of each of them. This means that what I am about to share isn’t just one view, it is the core I have found in the collection of numerous ones. As this part is more subjective and based in personal perspectives, you may find different associations for yourself or the tradition you follow. Use what works for you – this is just based on my own research, the cores I saw, and what I use and will be referencing in what I share.


Mercury (takes an average of 3-4 weeks to transition between constellation signs) Voice – Communication – Mind – Memory – Intelligence – Senses (physical) – Thought

Venus (takes an average of 4-5 weeks to transition between constellations signs) Partnerships – Family – Clan/ Community – Luck – Money – Pleasure – Harmony – Blended Emotions

Mars (takes an average of 6-7 weeks to transition between constellations signs) Primal Energy – Ambition – Guardian – Courage – Conflict – The Masks we wear – Base Emotions

Jupiter (takes an average of 12-13 months to transition between constellations signs) Balancer – The Gatekeeper between the seen and unseen/ inner and outer self – Higher thought – Understanding – Growth from experience – Faith – Spiritual Connections – Abundance

Saturn (takes an average of 2-3 years to transition between constellations signs) Discipline – Structure – Responsibility – Work – Obligation – Wisdom – Foundation. Judgment and Justice

Uranus (takes an average of 7 years to transition between constellations signs) Perspective – Reflection – New Vision – Deep Change – Break the Old and Create New

Neptune (takes an average of 14 years to transition between constellations signs) Shape-shifting – Illusion – Fluid Change – Persevering Force – Dreams – Intuition – Secrets – what’s hidden – Mysticism

Pluto (takes an average of 7 years to transition between constellations signs) The Great Transformation – To completely deconstruct in order to build something new. Transformation – The Well between Death and Rebirth – Destruction for Purpose – Secrets Revealed – Soul

  • The inner planets mark short seasons of time. The day to day life aspects and challenges. More physical world, our outer selves.
  • Jupiter is the Marker between the inner and outer planets. It marks a cycle of time that is not daily but also not generational. It is the balance between the two.
  • The outer planets mark long periods of time – Ages. They are more centered in our core, our inner self. They deal in long term energies – generational.

The Sun : The Outer Self – Actions/ Words – Mind/ How we think – how we sense the world – How we are seen – How we move in the world

The Moon : The Inner self – Emotions/ How we feel – How we perceive – How we process what we perceive and experience – Our Intuition / inner voices

Minor planetary energies that could be considered

Some minor undertone energy that can be brought in with honing the skills

makemake (Environmental Wisdom – how we perceive nature and energies)

haumea (How we connect to nature and energies)

ceres (What we nurture and how we nurture)

eris (How we battle – what kind of warrior we are)

chiron (How we recognize wounds and act to heal them)


The Seer : Fire (Sagittarius):powerful – rises – uncovering truths – eccentric explorer – ever thinking – true seer

The Ruler : Earth (Capricorn): strategic – driven – disciplined – responsibility – defender – courage – swift mind and action – integrity – Sovereign

The Thinker : Air (Aquarius): perspective – possibilities – independent – confident – science – humanistic – elements – inventive

The Enchanter : Water (Pisces): intuitive – mystical – flexible – patient – resourceful – dreamer – goal oriented – artistic

The Observer : Fire (Aries): aware – observant – senses – intuition – logic – persistent – stealthy – courageous – sees more than others

The Guardian : Earth (Taurus): steady – driven – determined – trust – patient – stubborn – unites people – growth – regeneration

The Illusionist : Air (Gemini): cunning – crafty – manipulation / seduction – shape shifter – adventurous – adaptable – connected – duality

The Stabilizer : Water (Cancer): spiritual – strength – stamina – nurture – support – inspire – energetic – charm – Cycles

The Healer : Fire (Leo): intelligent – loyal – caregiver – endurance – brave – proactive – ambitious – motivating – playful – grounded

The Knower : Earth (Virgo): Wisdom – deep knowledge – experience – out of the box – esoteric – altruistic – responsible – organized – humble – guardian

The Weaver : Air (Libra): world changer – graceful – noble – faithful – honorable – seeks challenges – sees all sides / perspectives – sees micro and macro at once

The Survivor : Water (Scorpio): social – charismatic – sacrifice – powerful instincts – adaptable – resourceful – optimistic – self powerful

The Inquisitor : Earth *(Ophiuchus): fiercely loyal – mediator – teacher – guide – diplomat – good sense of justice – strong morals and honesty

Minor constellation underlying energies to consider

Orion : (as they pass through the top of the torch / club area) – Illuminating (shinning a light on or re-birthing).

The nebula in Orion’s belly is the great stellar nursery. The Great Mother.

Minor Leo : Minor Healer

Cetus (Water): The Shark / Whale / Sea Monster : emotional -charitable nature – can be lazy or commanding depending on the choices you make. A warrior of Heart – of Intuition – from a place of emotion.

Ursa Major (Earth): Great Bear : relationship between predator and prey – fiercely protective – long periods of introspection – rhythm of nature

The Milky-way

The Milky-way Itself is the divider line – The Well between an ending and a beginning. It is the large cycle for all the other energies and where they are within that cycle of Birth – Life – Death – Rebirth.