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We Need to be Adding More Sun Water into Our Witchcraft

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light goddess

I hear a lot about moon water and charging items under the moon – but rarely do I see the conversation about Sun water and Solar Charging. If you are not looking at and using both, you are missing out on some great potentials!

Solar Energy is an untapped power house and can add great depth to your magic. It contains the power of growth, new beginnings, thought, clarity, communication, alleviating stress/ depression, boosting the immune system, increasing energy, and breaking through barriers just to name a few. Consider all the things the sun does for nature, our planet, and within ourselves. It contains the power of Fire within it, which has the power for drastic and immediate change.

There are a variety of ways to catch the exact energies you are wanting.

You can use specific times of the day to create certain waters or charge certain items:

Dawn: new starts, inspiration, awakening, growth, drawing in positive energies/ aspects, gaining courage, building new partnerships/ relationships

Afternoon: the strongest and most concentrated energy of the sun, focus intentions and energy, bringing clarity, bringing to light hidden aspects, money/ business matters, reflection, boosting energy, breaking through barriers, protection

Dusk: alleviating stress/ depression, clearing out/ banishing, closing doors/ chapters of your life, discovering hidden truths

Also Dawn and Dusk are Liminal Times. Where the veil is the thinnest. What you charge or the water you create at these times are excellent for interacting with the Unseen/ Other World, or working in Dualities. Think aspects such as divination, communication, and building relationships with spirits.

You can charge certain waters and items all day to harness all the aspects or create a super charged solar water. Ingesting or using this type of water can be great for healing work, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Some added things to consider:

The Sun is the center of our solar system and a key player in the energies between the planets. This means combining certain astrological aspects can also play a role in what you are charging. What sign the sun is currently in, any planets sharing that position, and even where all the planets are in relation to the sun. You can get very in-depth or just focus on the basics, depending on your practices.

A good example of this is what is currently going on in our skies right now. The Sun is in The Observer (Aries) along with Mercury which is in retrograde. Mercury in retrograde is bring to light aspects of communication, your voice, the mind/ thought, memory, and the senses. The Observer (Aries) is about awareness, the senses, intuition and thought together, logic, growth, regeneration, and uniting people. The waters you charge right now would be fantastic for work/ spells in communication, especially clarity or altering perception through words. The balance between the logical mind and intuition. Clarity of thought and memory. Heightening the senses which can be extremely useful for working with the unseen, connecting to nature, and foundation building within yourself. Due to the retrograde, Mercury is shinning a light on all those shadows that may elude us at other times when it comes to communication and the power of our own voice – So for all you Projectors out there, this would be a good time to bring forth needed change.

Combining Sun and Moon water and charging:

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be looking at how to combine these two powerful energies within you magical craft. Both together can add some very interesting elements to your work and create dual workings in one.

We are currently heading into a full moon (we are about half way there). So anything you are trying to grow, build, or manifest into the physical would be the target here. Combining it with the current sun aspects – communication, senses, balance in the mind, gaining clarity – would be fantastic for any journey, physical or spiritual, you may be on, including building new foundations and connections.

If you are only using the moon to charge waters and your magical items, you are only using half the power available to you. There are many ways to use both the sun and moon, as well as, weaving them together to increase the magic you are working. It’s something to consider.