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From Surface to Depth – our lessons are not “one and done”

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Our guides, and life in general, give us lessons. We walk through them, dissect them, look at them through various perspectives. We feel we have gone deep, understanding the depths of what we have been given. Then later on down the road, we are faced with it again. Not in the same way, not from the beginning, but from where we left off. Where we felt we had reached the depth, only to find there is even more beneath it.

Magic, spirituality, life itself is like this. Our lesson are never “over” – just lived for a time in one state so we can fully grasp that level. As we live in the lessons, we start to see more questions, possibly gaps, or that there is more then what we know now. It is in the process of living them and incorporating them that we realize we have much more to learn.

For example, I hear people say “I’ve already learned about the elements.”

My questions become – Have you? How far have you dived into each? Do you know how they play out within you, all their aspects within your spirit and your body? Do you know all their aspects within nature and the unseen world? Do you know how they interact with each other in all these spaces? How to use them to create all the different interactions? We could go on and on, but I think you get the gist.

I have studied and worked with the elements for 40 years and still have more depth to go, more to learn, more to discover and experiment with. Every step, every level of learning brings new insights, perspectives, and discoveries. Not altering what was, but adding to it. Layering onto and expanding what was there before.

That is another thing to consider with this concept. Too often people have this idea that, new information breaks the old – or that the old information is not useful anymore. A new path means clearing out the previous one. That is not my experience. Everything is growth – growing. We learn one thing and the next lesson expands upon the first. Blending in, not clearing out. Some things may change, yes. Some preconceptions may be altered or discovered to be wrong – but it doesn’t change the whole. Clear what needs to be cleared but there are aspects that remain, cores.

I find this often with my Guides and their messages. It is why I keep journals of all our interactions and what They show me, so I can do honest reflection later. Because I am limited to my perspective of now. I am limited by the depth I am at right now. Over time, the more I grow in other areas, the more the previous messages take on a new meaning. The core of the message is the same – it is my perspective of it that has changed. By gaining depth in other areas, I have gained depth in what They were telling me.

It’s not easy. We get so set, become so stubborn on certain things, that even when we know the truth – we try to hold onto the illusion. I think part of that is a protective move – “If I did not see the depth of the first, how do I know this is the true depth of now?’ Guess what, it isn’t. The change now, is just for now. Later you will gain more depth and it will change again. People are so scared to be wrong, they would rather live in an illusion. The crazy thing is though – it’s not “wrong” it has just grown beyond.

Within our spiritual and witchy communities it seems even worse which completely baffles me. Communities that are all about the depths – the change – the unknown – the discovery, yet so locked into fear when it comes to sharing the deeper changes. I think more of this has to do with modern problems then the community itself though. I have been seeing it a lot in people who are considered by others, or consider themselves to be, “influencers.” They worry that if they are public about their changes that they will lose people or what they have built. If they are honest people will not understand. They have built themselves a box. Their box has changed, yet they hold onto the box for fear of what may happen or what others will say.

I personally have wrestled with the loss of people aspect, because I have grown close to people. In the end though, I am not letting it stop me from being open about my changes. I talk about the aspects I wrestle with because I am not alone in wrestling with them. If I can talk with courage, perhaps it helps them to also feel less alone and talk about their own. It’s not easy. I will lose people along the way who are just not ready for that space. Yes, they may be gone forever but then again they may show back up later. I have to ok with either, because my journey isn’t about others, it’s about me and my growth. Just as your journey isn’t about others, it is about you and your growth. I have set a course and have to just be my authentic self all the time. I refuse to go back into a box to please others – because I will never please everyone and will only let myself down.

So why I am talking about all this today?

Because I am in a space of understanding and acceptance. Messages my Guides/ Deities have been telling me for a long time, have finally come to a new depth. Things I have been wrestling with internally, a path laid before me, wasn’t what I perceived it to be. My view was narrow. I was stuck on certain words that showed a glimpse, an example, of the issue, but not the whole path itself. I was in a storm of my own making because I wasn’t deep enough yet in the understanding, because I was stubborn and being short sighted because of those words. I had gained some depth but not to the point I needed.

Throughout the week, little by little, clarity has been forming. This morning I see the bigger picture. I am not stupid enough to say the whole picture, because there will always be another depth, but my storm has cleared. I have accepted and embraced. Now comes the work of embodiment of it. Welcome to the journey of growth and transformation. I can honestly say it is like this all the time. We see – We get stuck on the surface – a storm forces us to go deeper (sometimes multiple ones) – to clear away our limited view and preconceived ideas – then clarity – acceptance – embodiment – and then we dive deeper again and start the whole process over. Isn’t transformation fun!

I am not going into what my change is, not here. This is already way too long. I will share later in the week though in a blog post.