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The Raven and the Hawk

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The Raven and the Red Tailed Hawk are natural enemies. When a hawk enters an area claimed by the raven, the raven is relentless in its attack. Diving bombing and grappling with it in mid air if necessary. It will continue to do this until the hawk moves on. Many times it will even call in other ravens to work as a unit, to create an even more hostile attack.

I have seen this first hand many times in our valley. Our family of Ravens set up shop here and defend the valley from those they deem invaders. Hawks and owls mostly, but I have even seen them attack a young bald eagle too. Their approach and how they work is very strategic. I often say, it is like a military unit. Even they way they patrol the valley, whether by flight or by foot, is extremely military like.

If they are off property hunting, and a predator bird enters, all the other birds start going nuts, and it almost sounds like a distress call. I say that because it is very distinct from all their other calls, and it is never long before the family of Ravens swoop in and handle the situation. It’s like an unspoken agreement that if the other birds call, the raven will march in to defend.

Something has changed though.

Our Ravens built their nest right behind the house this year – and a red tail hawk pair has created a nest in the wooded area in the front of the house. Two natural enemies have created homes in our small valley – and they are not attacking. There is no discourse. There is no distress calls going out from the smaller birds. Nothing – just a wonderful peace. Even more than just a truce, I have found them playing around each other in the early mornings. The hawk will be sitting on a branch and the Ravens will be just flying around in their playful way behind it through the trees. I have even seen them flying around together – not dive bombing and screeching at each other, just gliding and flying.

I have no explanation for this from a science perspective. By everyone’s account, this should not happen. But from a spiritual standpoint I do know what has happened, what has changed.

Over the past two years of living here full time, I have worked really hard to cultivate the feel of sanctuary. Not just for us the people, but all of us – people, animals, plants, and spirits that live here. It’s not an easy task and there has been a lot of learning along the way. Trying to figure out the right kind of food plants/ trees to supply both the animals and us. Figuring out ways to cultivate and amend the soil in places due to the heavy clay. Ensuring that the natural springs stay intact while redirecting them to flow in better ways down the hillsides. All while protecting the life that was already here.

It is a lot of learning about the nature that exists here and what they need. It is a lot of time connecting to the spirits here to ensure we are not impeding on their sovereignty. Ecosystems are a delicate balance and exchange between everything that resides within them. Our valley is an ecosystem and everything we do requires considerations and gaining perspectives from multiple angles. It is hard work and sometimes there are mistakes but we keep going, keep learning, and keep listening.

Over the last year we have seen some odd things with the predators and prey, especially at the feeding area by the creek where we put out a variety of food for all the different critters at least once a week. We have watched the fox and cat eat together side by side. We have watched the coyote, raccoons, and possums, eat right next to each other with not a peep from any. We have seen animals appear that we have never seen here in 35 years, such as minks.

We didn’t change the animals – what we did was change the energy within our valley. We created a space where all could co-exist in harmony, and they are doing exactly that. Yes the predators still hunt for food and the prey still get eaten. That is nature, and all must eat to survive. With that being said, it seems most of the hunting happens on the outskirts of property and not as much within it (except insects, fish, and frogs – sorry guys).

This lesson from nature was also the lesson I needed for the path my Goddess has laid before me. I can’t change people and force them to see other peoples perspectives. Just as I could not change the nature of the animals here. No, my path isn’t about that – it’s about creating the right space so they can come together on their own. Where they can share, hear each other, and gain new perspectives from each other. It is about the space, the sanctuary, that gives them the safe place to do that work together. My role isn’t to lead in the dominating way many people see as the job of leader. My role is to safe guard the space and the people who enter it.

My soul is burning bright. My heart is filled with joy and appreciation for the lesson nature has given me. It may seem like a small change in perspective, but it completely changes the actions to accomplish the task. Sometimes, that small change is what we need in order to walk the path in front of us in the right way for us and those around us, so it is good for all.

If you have a task in front of you, one that seems impossible but you know you have to do it – Try seeing it from another perspective. A different approach for the actions. You may be surprised by what happens next.