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What The Morrigan is Calling Us to Do

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The Morrigan has been setting what feels like an impossible task for me. Little by little clarity has been dawning. Little by little I have been trying to twist it here and there in order to balance Her wants and my needs. Little by little She has shot them all down. So now here I am, walking into a space that has the potential to do amazing things for others, while making me a target for all.

And Her words flow back to me “Be unafraid to be alone and walk your own path.”

Yesterday I struggled all day.

In the morning everything was laid out clearly. No more trying to avoid this, Her patience has run out. A deep clarity of all the journeys we have been on and lessons She has taught me. All the sacred texts and tools we have built together. Why I have the gifts that I have and not others. Why Duality has become a core aspect. If I’m honest with myself I have known. I have seen where this is going. I have been writing about it for months, and She has been telling me for much longer than that.

The Morrigan has a plan for all of us who have been called to Her. Our roles and what She wants from us is different because it is going to take many angles to accomplish the bigger picture. Some will be Her Warriors, taking up arms both physically and spiritually. Some will be Her Healers to tend to those who are hurt. Some will be here Voices, Her Oracles in different areas to build all the pieces needed. Some will be the Keepers of the Dead to ensure they cross safely. Some will be Keepers of Knowledge. Sure we will have some of all to accomplish what we need, but there will always be a top focus for each of us. She has a plan and it is much larger than any of us really see yet. We have clues, we have ideas based on our own roles, but not how all the pieces come together yet.

I have spoken to several people recently who have been leaders for Her. Have walked with Her for a long time. Choose the word you want – Priestess, Seneschal, Voice – because what you name it doesn’t matter. I am watching in real time, The Morrigan moving us like chess pieces into place. Demanding we move now and walk the path She has put before us. To gather Her people who fit into their own area and solidify those communities. Each having our own roles, our own areas of focus, but the goal emerging is the same. If you have read my article Pluto in Capricorn it will become clear why now is the critical junction in time for the work She has set before us. Why patience is no longer an option. Have you felt it?

I would assume this is happening within the communities of other Older Goddesses and maybe even Gods. I can not speak on this because I am not part of them. If you are though, and have walked with yours a long time and this is happening, I’d love to hear about it. I do know it is happening with The Morrigan’s community.

And again, Her words flow back to me “Walk all worlds but belong to none.”

There are no coincidences. The Morrigan has been with me my whole life. Whether because of the type of person I am in my core or shaping me to be that person – it really doesn’t matter to me which. Those differences do not bother me like they seem to bother others. I have deep gratitude for Her guidance, presence, and what I have experienced through walking with Her. I have explored and experienced wonders I could not even dream of. Had experiences that have completely transformed me – and I love who I am. Not perfect, still making mistakes, but I love who I am and what I am.

The path She has laid for me, what She has been training me for all this time is daunting. It feels impossible. On a personal level I imagine I will get tons of hate and the dangers are real. No, I am not Her physical warrior by any stretch of the imagination – I am a Voice and Healer. What She wants healed though is a break so deep on both sides that bridging it will take everything in me and I am not sure that will even be enough.

So what is the task? Bridging the gap between the Christians and the Pagans – the faiths. Not just finding a place they can both stand in together without fighting – No – creating something new from the core they already share to erase the divisions. Do you see now the impossible task?

She has given me all the structure, all the tools, all the words. My life experience and deep knowledge of both sides – both worlds I have walked in – have given me the understandings.

I understand why it has to be Mary with The Morrigan, because each represent the two sides – The face of the Goddess for each side. For me the focus is more woman based because it is what I am, have lived, and have experienced. It does not mean men are shut out by any means, that is just another division that doesn’t need to be, but my voice will always be the aspect of the feminine.

It is not creating a new religion to trap them into, with cookie cutter rules to keep a hierarchy in power. No, this is about the oldest way of spirituality. Our personal connection and bond with Divine – no matter the face or name of Divine. Living and walking our own paths of experience and growth we need as an individual. Bringing them back to a core where they can all be a community, supporting each other, sharing together, without all this control, division, and hate that comes with it all.

Hate and pain runs deep though. Bad habits of action continue such as trying to convert people and dominate others. I am not alone in this task – I am sure there are others who have been called to do the same – but the road is a twisted one. I will lose people who will not be able or be ready to see this yet. I will gain others who are. I alone will not change this – I am just planting and nurturing the seeds, showing different perspectives so they can see for themselves. It is the people themselves that will create the change – one by one. Paganism/ witchy/ animistic communities are not the only one who have been hurt by the church – but others will rise in different areas to cover those.

The Morrigan has set our tasks before us. We asked for this. We welcomed this, even if we did not know what would be asked of us in the end. Blessings and Curses. She has given me many many blessings, and there is always a cost because that is how exchange works.