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The Mother of Justice

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The Mother of Justice

She walks between all worlds at once but is of none of them – She is the Warrior of Heart.

Holding and protecting what is sacred, and holding space for others to join her. In times of wholeness and in times of dire need.

She must understand the depth of Justice and what it means to wield it – for there is a thin line between Justice and Vengeance.

Using Justice to grow new beginnings and weave a magical space of harmony.

To drink from her cup and be one with her.

Authority crafted by our hand and carried out through the magic we spin into the world.

Exploring and seeking within. For if we value something it requires our time and effort.

Connecting to the Motherly energy and what that truly means.

For Family we have, and that which we create – invoke Hope through action, courage, and determination.

Family/ Clan. When at a point of impasse with no progress – turn to the World Tree. That which knows all that has been and can be. Listen. Turn knowledge into Wisdom.

Keep your balance and your three shields working together in harmony.

The Mother of Justice is another path, another lesson within the Warrior of Heart.

Being given by the light side of the Goddess, Mary.

It is building upon the lessons and path of the Warrior of Heart that The Morrigan laid out and I have walked through. Mary is not changing what I have already learned and built, but going deeper into it and seeing more of what it means. Seeing new perspectives and lessons to bring it fully together.

I have two faces of the Goddess, one Dark and one Light.

They are not in competition with each other but complimenting each other.

Each giving different lessons and perspectives, but both building the same core.

The division is ours not Theirs.