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The Goddess Morrigan is calling Her People Home

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I’ve spoken on Her call many times. The Morrigan gathering Her people of all kinds. Warriors/ Guardians, Voices/ Oracles, Healers, and storytellers. It still never ceases to amaze me when I get to witness the call firsthand.

I recently met someone through what they called an “accident” – and I now see as the Goddess. She messaged me a picture of a garden meant for another. I figured that was what it was when I opened it, but I loved it all the same. It wasn’t long after that she messaged me and we started chatting a bit. She mentioned getting a reading from me later on, and something in me immediately said “now.” So I offered up a free one. As soon as I sat down to do it, I knew why. The Morrigan was there.

This isn’t uncommon. I have felt the pull many times to just offer them up because it is The Morrigan who has something to say. The cards are a formality – a visual – but Her words are always clear and the message is always what they need. I’m used to this – I am a vessel. I chose this path just as much as She chose me for it.

Once again, She was calling one of Her people home. Another Voice – another Vessel – another Warrior of Heart. They had felt it but did not trust themselves in it. This actually happens more than you would think. So much doubt in themselves. Twisting it every which way because they are scared they will be wrong. What do they think will happen if they are wrong? What do they expect the Goddess to do – be angry? That is not Her way. She will just keep shape-shifting in every way until you acknowledge who She is. She will keep guiding you closer and closer to Her until you are willing to see. We are connected to Her for a reason and She does not give up.

Afterwards, as we sat talking about the various aspects of the readings some amazing things happened that made even me pause. First a black butterfly flew right up to her. The butterfly was a heavy part of the reading talking about new possibilities. The moment she told me about the butterfly I knew – Morrigan was giving her another sign. Something tangible, something she could see. Towards the end, a blue Heron crane flew right in – yes The Morrigan had been waiting awhile for this one. Waiting for her to accept what was right in front of her. Waiting for her to have no more doubts. No more excuses to waive the feelings away.

As I sit here now, I wonder – is The Morrigan’s impatience for this particular person because She has been trying a long time to get her to see, or is it something more? Is there some other reason behind why now, why did this person connect to me? I wonder these things because the path laid before her is also mine. The Warrior of Heart – an oracle / vessel – a Voice. This personal also has raw skills already. They need to be developed more so she can understand and control them better – but the raw skill is there. Normally I do not question these things things. I pass the messages and make myself available if they need anything. This one is sticking in my mind though. There is something else here, I just do not know what yet.

The Morrigan is calling Her people Home. Not just to Her – but also to each other.