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Why I do Free Tarot Readings

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At least once a season, sometimes more, I offer up to do free tarot readings for people on my Facebook account. I do this for a few reasons. The biggest I think is because I know what it is like to be financially challenged. That theme seems to be getting more and more prominent for many. Those are also the times we find ourselves searching the most for guidance.

I also do it as a devotional for The Morrigan. Part of my community work for Her. I have had many people, when I read for them, say that I do it very differently than others. I use tarot in different ways to dig deeper and the messages are always spot on according to the people. The Morrigan is who taught me how to use tarot. By using it as a conversation tool with Her, getting instructions, and it had me using them in a variety of different ways. She helped me hone a gift, so I give back by sharing that gift.

Some may ask – Can you read your own tarot cards? Yes, absolutely, you can read your own tarot, and I actually encourage that. I think, as long as we are honest and looking at both the spiritual and physical aspects of the self with the messages, and going deeper within the message to get a fuller understanding – reading for yourself is the best route to go. Remember the cards are not going to give what what you what, they will give you what you need. Sometimes, perhaps many times, they will putting concepts in your face that you would rather avoid. That is where the honesty aspect comes in.

Many people get intimidated by reading their own tarot. Some because they were told a false myth that you shouldn’t read for yourself. I completely hate that this has even become a thing – discouraging others from using their tool for their own benefit. It is an amazing communication tool and it’s yours as I said above.

Many courses are built to teach you to memorize the cards and their meanings – Again I find this to be the least helpful. My personal experience, you are building a bond with the cards through energy. The more you use them, the more they will start to take on specific meanings for you as they show up in various areas. I suggest using the guidebook that comes with them and keeping a detail tarot journal. Write down all your readings so you can go back and reflect on them – what parts you got right, what are some you misinterpreted, and so forth. Learn by using them and connecting to them in your way. I feel you will get a lot better guidance and build better bonds with your guides by reading for yourself. Over time you will develop your own ways of reading tarot, create your own spreads or techniques.

I also know the importance of getting another perspective or an outside voice to confirm what you are getting. There are also some people who haven’t honed or do not feel comfortable enough in their skill of reading. I personally have someone I will go to, to confirm what I am getting or to see if there is another take on the situation if I have doubts. Even seasoned readers like myself will do this. It helps solidify the messages for us and ensure we are seeing all aspects clearly.

My readings do take a lot of time and energy, whether it being live or digital. It requires channeling and seeing the story as a whole, including its depth. My style of reading is different. I don’t do simple spreads like a three card drawn – I let the cards tell their stories. Sometimes I need to go deeper and draw more for a specific aspect. So some readings may have I set of 6- cards, and some may have 3 or 4 different readings within a reading. Some may take 30 minutes some may take a couple of hours. I never know how much time or depth will be needed ahead of time, I just go where they take me. It’s the beauty of this work in my opinion.

With all that being said, I try to keep the cost of my paid ones low so more people can access them if they need to. I have had many people tell me that is a mistake, especially for the readings I give. That people will just assume a low price tag means low quality. Perhaps they are right – but then again if the people who really need it can’t access it, am I really doing the job The Morrigan and my Guides asks of me? I would say no.

This whole “price determines quality” is a very capitalist concept and not a spiritual one. The people who tend to need it the most are generally  the ones who can not afford to pay for it. So I keep my prices low and I try to offer free ones where time permits. Everyone must choose for themselves what is right – but this is the reasoning behind mine.

The various readings I offer are listed in my shop if you are interested. You can also follow me over on Facebook or my Facebook page – Folk Magic Practitioner to catch more content and the times I am giving out free ones. If you are truly in need and can’t wait, message me.