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Something is Here

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Before something was building, lurking ever closer but not here yet.

During this time I have seen and felt The Morrigan, Dark Gods and Goddesses, calling people in. Year after year that call seemed to reaching more and more people. There are many rationalizations as to why this could be with the state of our world, especially western countries. It could also be that Pluto – the bringer of Death and Rebirth – complete Transformation is moving into Capricorn. Where all that it rules will be challenged and changed – authority, tradition, structure. Perhaps it is because of all the divisions among the people and war brews in every corner. Perhaps people are so fractured within themselves due to trying to fit in and survive in our current world, that these Deities are trying desperately to give people the lessons and skills needed to get through all this. Perhaps they hear the voice of war getting louder and are calling their people to them. Then again, perhaps it is because many more people, everyday, are going back to their roots. – I think it is all this and more.

Yes, when I say war, most people’s mind goes to something like WW3, but that is probably the lowest on my list. Wars come in all forms and we face them all the time. War within yourself. War in the unending divisions between people. War over personal Sovereignty. War between religions and beliefs. These are the ones that seem to be at the forefront.

There are many paths and roles within the Dark Deities domain. Yes there is the warrior – but the warrior is only one aspect of a larger pattern that also includes the Guardian and Peacemaker. There are healers, because healing is a key aspect of preventing, preparing, and recovering from war. There are growers and creators, the cunning minds. There are the Sovereigns that carry the responsibility to more than just themselves. On and on it goes. Dark doesn’t mean evil or negative aspects. Dark in my experience has more to do with building foundations – discovery of the true self – understanding the knowledge and gaining wisdom that was hidden from us – balancing within us and the world we live in – Seeing Duality and understanding the depths of it in all things – and many other aspects like this.

For decades this call from the Dark Goddesses and Gods has been growing stronger. The last few years it raised exponentially. Right now though, feels different. The calling is still growing but those who have been walking this path for some time now seem to be syncing up on an unconscious level. The messages and direction that many of us are experiencing are more aligned. Our ideas and thoughts seem to be very similar right now. I especially see this with those connected to The Morrigan and other Dark Goddesses.

People who are not connected together, never spoken, are talking about the same messages – the same concepts. Yes, the experiences are different but the message is the same. The paths stretching before us is very connected to each other.

You could argue different reasons as to why this is happening – but these things are not coming from the ones who many people would look to. No, they are coming from the quiet ones, the ones who speak in their own way in their own spaces, ones who talk about their own experiences, ones who teach through their own actions. This is where I am seeing it.

What has been coming is now here. We are on the cusp of it and the Dark Deities, especially The Morrigan – at least for me, are lining up their people. Putting them into position. Preparing them and bringing them together.

Even without being aware of it, we are working together, we are being connected together – our paths are merging.

It is an interesting time.