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The One Card Tarot Reading

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This seems to be a big topic lately and as a reader I have some thoughts on this.

One card tarot or oracle draws can be useful in certain instances and not so much in others.

They can be great to hone in on a focus.

Drawing a card first thing in the morning with prompts such as:

“What is the energy at the forefront today?”

“What energy do I need to be aware of or cautious of today?”

“Where does my energy need to be focused today?”

All of these can be really helpful as a guide for your day. To keep in mind as you move throughout the day, encounter situations, and to keep your mind focused on where you want to go.

You can use a one card draw at the end of the day. This can be especially useful if you are combining it with journaling. You can ask a question such as:

“What was a lesson from today that I need to go deeper into?”

“What did I do right today?”

“What could I have done better?”

“What was the energy at the center of my day?”

When it comes to situations though, a one card pull may not be the right choice. I feel it brings out too many generalities and leaves too much out. For starters, a situation has more then one perspective involved. If you are only asking or looking at one perspective, with one card, you will miss all the others at play. The one card may give you a super high overview but it will not be as helpful as going deeper, pulling more cards, to see all the energies contributing to it.

Tarot has so many cards that are very specific to various aspects for a reason. It is a tool of conversation. To go deeper then just the surface. To show multiple aspects that are contributing to what you are asking about. To pull into view things that are hidden to you, or put in your face the things you are trying to deny.

Tarot is a tool.

It can show us the past – the present – and a glimpse of future possibilities depending on the actions we choose.

It can help us sort through where we have been – where we are now- the steps to get to where we want to go and giving us the guidance we need to get there.

It can help us communicate and have conversations with our divine, deities, ancestors, spirits, guides, and even our higher self. Getting information directly from them. Getting guidance meant for us and the journey we are on. To understand Them and ourselves on a deeper level. To grow and move forward in the ways we need to for us.

If you are just needing a quick focus – a one card draw will be helpful. If you are trying to figure something out, to get direction, or anything beyond that, I feel a one card draw will leave you disappointed.

Knowing how to use our tools to our best advantage is a common theme in all areas of our life. Tarot is no different.

If you do not know your cards yet – use the guide book – incorporate stitchomancy to help give direct clarity – and keep a detailed journal of your readings. These things will not only help you build a bond with your cards, but also learn their meanings for yourself.

If you are a seasoned reader – play around with them in different ways to see how else they can be used. I love using mine to let my Guides tell me stories, create spells and rituals, and just talking to them in the same way as I would a person sitting next to me.

My son uses them to help him come up with ideas for stories and plot-lines.

The possibilities are only as narrow as our imaginations.