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Learning Straight from your Guides

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Learning Straight from the Source

This one is a bit hard to write because there is a conflict within it.

I love reading, history, and exploring in general. What I am about to say will sound contradictory to that in some ways. What you need to understand though is I have, and continue to do all these things. I continue to research and look at various sources to gain different perspectives. I also hold the belief that “There is truth in all stories, but no story is true”. Meaning stories can give us clues and pieces to the puzzle but they are still written from a certain perspective that isn’t the whole truth – even history.

When I am connecting to Divine or my Guides, I want the story from Them. I want to hear Their perspectives – Their words – not the interpretation of someone else. This is for two reasons. The first being that our lessons, what we need to do, is going to be different. We may be connected to the same Divine/ Guide but what we need to learn or do may be very different. If I follow the path of someone else, then I will never reach my own potentials. Secondly, we all interpret messages differently. Our connections and the level of those connections may vary. In a world where others are trying to be “THE” Voice it can be hard to tell sometimes who is really receiving messages and who is twisting things for their own gain. I know that seems harsh, and it kind of is, but there is also truth there. So for these reasons, it is important for me to listen directly to my Guides more than what a book or another says about Them.

It is also fair to interject here, that I love listening to other people’s personal stories and experiences. Not their interpretation of what someone else has written or said, but their own genuine personal experiences. There is magic and beauty in that. There are clues and perspectives that help us all grow in different ways. I also just deeply enjoy when people are being real and showing their own way of doing things. It brings inspirations to the world.

So with all that being said, at the end of the day, what my Deity/ Guides tell me will always hold more weight for me than anything else anyone has to say. What They teach me will always be the center of what I do. Their stories, directly from Them, will always be the ones that I hold as truth, even if they conflict with something written or the perspective of another. Some may say there are problems with that – but then my question would be “Why would you deny what is being told to you by the source itself?”

I realize not everyone has the types of connections I do, and don’t receive messages like I do. They don’t hear Their voices or see the visions They give. I think everyone has the capability though. Mine took a lot of time, patience, and practice. It took a lot of dedication and the deep desire to achieve it. It wasn’t easy. It took time and creating a lot of “checks” for me to build trust in those connections and my skills to understand clearly. I hold both a science minded brain and a spiritual one. One that wants proof and one that wants to sink into belief. I know what the brain is capable of and how it can twist things – I also know what the soul is capable of and how it connects us. Checks were a way to satisfy both sides and get the proof I needed for myself, so I could trust and sink into the wonderment.

In the end this is my journey – my life. What I need to learn is going to be specific for where I need to go. This is true for you as well. We will cross and walk the same at times. We will split and need something different to get to where we need to be at other times. We will face different challenges at different points in the journey. We will possess different skills/ tools to overcome the same challenges we face along the path. We will walk with those who are more similar to us at times, and we will grow from those who are our polar opposites.

I don’t need to “fit in”. This idea, this need to fit in, is born from a society and beliefs that want a cookie cutter path for everyone. It is a capitalist and organized religious belief in order to maintain control. This illusion that we are the same, with the same needs, and the same desires. If that were true though, we would never grow, never advance, never reach new potentials. That greatest discoveries come from those who walked their own path, saw a different vision, and brought them forth into reality. Most of those people were ignored and persecuted in their time, and it wasn’t until later that we raised them up as great people. Saying they were figures “beyond their time”.

I will be different. I will walk my own path. I will trust in the words of my Divine/ Guides because They have always held true for me and steered me where I needed to go. Yes, it can be lonely. Yes, others get righteous and feel everyone should believe and do as they do. Yes, I will get hate from others. This path is not easy – but for me, it is the right path. I have experienced more growth and connection by walking this way, then I ever did trying to fit in. I have awakened to my true self, finding my own purpose, my own happiness, and possibilities I did not know where even there.

So at the end of the day – I will trust and value what my Guides tell me above all else. For when They speak to me, it is not for everyone, it is for me. Others may get inspirations, courage, and new perspectives to help them along their own path – but my Guides, when walking with me, are focused just on my path. Just as when They are walking with you, They are just focused on your path and growth.

I think when we can all see this – understand it – and embrace it – our communities and our world would become the place we keep hoping for.