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The Divine Feminine Introduction

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The Divine Feminine can be found in every tradition, every religion, every culture throughout time because women reside in them all. Even when some would try to push Her into the shadows, bury Her beneath the blackness and call Her evil, or push Her into servitude to serve their own whims – She remains. She survives, endures, and rises in many ways. Her fire, Her light, burning within the depths of all women. For there could never be a world where She does not exist. She is the one who nurtures and grows life. She is the one who ensures life continues on into the future.

This space is going to be dedicated to the exploration of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, all Her faces, all Her forms, and Her fire that resides in all women. The Dark Goddess and the Light Goddess. The independent and curious Maiden, the nurturing Mother, the Wise Crone, and all the transformations in-between. Women of all backgrounds, all places, all ages, all religions, are connected to Her and part of Her, even if Her name and face is different to each of us.

As this will be a focus on the Divine Feminine, and as I am a woman, I will be exploring these things through that lens. This is not discounting the Divine Masculine. I will talk about various aspects of the connection and partnership between the two. The balance that is supposed to be, and the lack of that balance in our world. I am not a man though. This does not mean I do not connect with the Divine Masculine, but I do so in a different way than a man would. Just as a man connects to the Divine Feminine in a different way than a woman does. So my perspective of that energy is going to be much different and any speaking of it would be from my perspective, thus not from a place of full understanding.

That type of honesty about this topic seems to have been lost in the quest for equality – but equal is never what we should have been striving for in my opinion – instead we should have been striving for equity. Equity is where we acknowledge our differences, our strengths and weaknesses, and creating means where we stand equally together. Equity recognizes and makes accommodations individually for the differences, creating the equality we desire. The picture below is a great visual for this concept.

From a scientific view, a biological view, men and women have distinct differences. It is found in their bone structure, the muscular systems, their hormones and how those hormones regulate other systems, it is even found in the brain. Our bodies were built for different purposes. Due to the issues of patriarchal dominance and christian influences, on a social level we rail against these ideas and differences because they have been exploited and abused in both directions. However, that does not make them less true. I feel we need to understand these things, be honest about them, embrace those differences, and use them to our advantage instead of allowing others to use them to our disadvantage. The masculine and feminine hold the same amount of power – equal in that power – the differences come in the way each goes about achieving their aims. A big concept that will become clearer as we dive deeper.

I am separating this exploration of the Divine Feminine from my Witch’s Journal because it is something that needs its own space. Although my connection to the Divine Feminine through my Goddesses, Guides, and Ancestors is very much a part of my spirituality and magical practices, I feel this needs to be done in a space and way that all women can connect to no matter what their background, spiritual or otherwise, is.

So I hope you will join me on this journey and contribute to the conversations with your own voice and perspectives. I hope it gives you inspirations to connect to the Divine Feminine deeper and embrace that fire within yourself. To know that you are part of Her and we are all connected together by Her.