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Creative Endeavor Spell

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We all have some sort of creative endeavor we would like to boost in some way. Creativity comes in ever form imaginable. Whether you need inspirations or creative ideas – or you have already created something and trying to boost its visibility – this spell is amazing!

Here is how I performed it:

I lit 3 tea-light candles : one for ancestors, one for my Goddess, and one for the endeavor I was focusing on.

Laid the cloth out flat on my altar in front of me.

Cleansed each ingredient with rosemary smoke to get rid of any negative energy (you do not want to cleanse everything or you will also be hindering the magical properties of each item and you don’t want that).

I added the Rune eihwaz for swift progress and rooting – but I work with runes while others do not – so I did not include it in the printable spell page above. I wrote my specific intentions on the back of the paper and placed it in the center of the cloth.

Hold each ingredient in your hands – knowing the element each is bringing into the spell, and give it specific instructions based on what you want the outcome to be. For example, when holding the citrine “Success through my creative endeavor. My creative endeavor will bring success.”

As each one is set, place it onto the center of the cloth.

When you are done, take your three threads, knot one end and braid them. As you braid, each color, speak the job it is to do. Example :

Orange “luck to my creative endeavor.” 

Green ” Growth from my endeavors”

Yellow ” My creative endeavor will bring (state what you want it to bring)”

You can replace the word endeavor with the actual endeavor you are setting this for, leave it as is, or create your own words.

Once it is done tie a knot at the end stating ” With this knot I seal this spell”

Then use the breaded thread to seal the cloth together into a little bag. Then place the bag in or near your creative space.

As always, you may want to change things to suit you or just use this as an inspiration to create your own spell.