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A Great Weekend to Spell Cast

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Weekend Outlook
Energy to be aware of : Faith
Faith is born from our experiences and grown by our beliefs. It is not just religious faith – it’s the whole pattern of faith. What we choose to have faith in. Our magical abilities – our crafting – our allies – ourselves.
Energy to let go of : Manifestation
A perfect time to release all those things you are wanting to manifest in your life. Send them out so they can start doing their work. Do not keep them bottled up in the mind or as wishes.
Action to embrace : Sacrifice
Fitting for manifesting. Sacrifice is many things but what we tend to Sacrifice most is our time and energy. Be aware of what you are sacrificing and the reasons why. Make that Sacrifice meaningful – where it benefits you and where you are wanting to go. Sacrifice with purpose.
Together these brew a powerful timing for spell creation and casting!
Personally I have three that I will be doing and sharing later on in the videos section.
One for Unleashing Creativity – One for Success in those endeavors – and one for Dream Work.