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The Crazy Things That Happen as a Channeler

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So those that know me or that have followed me for awhile, know I worked really hard on building my connection with The Morrigan. In turn, the skills I developed in trance, visions, and actually hearing Her opened a flood gate for many others. People say it is like opening a door, but for me it was like blowing the hinges off. I’m not going into details here, but if you haven’t read my post it really outlines the experience.

No, today is all about the crazy things that happened yesterday. Well the first isn’t so crazy and more heartwarming– but the second still has me on edge…

Yesterday I received a message from someone I had worked with/ mentored in 2021. She was struggling in some personal areas and I lent a hand. I hadn’t heard from her in almost two years, and then out of the blue she messaged me. She had a new baby, a wonderful relationship, and she messaged me to thank me. Saying, even though she could not see it then, everything I had said came to pass. She even shared some wonderful pictures with me that I cherish.

My initial response to her was one of joy for all her blessings. My later reaction was the same as I always get – “How does this work?” I spent a lot of time in the past on that question – I understand our theories on it – yet it never ceases to leave this deep “awe” in me. What I get, the messages, what is channeled, always seems to be spot on and comes to pass. I don’t think I will ever completed understand the science behind it yet I get proof all the time, so I just try to sit with the “awe” instead of the “hows”.

Last night though shook me. I was talking with a close friend about just about life stuff and all of a sudden this very angry, wrathful presence and message overwhelmed me. Not evil – more foreboding and in a warning way. I did not recognize the presence which was odd in itself, because I get messages for this person often but it is usually from deities/ entities I know and she is connected to. The message was clear though – she has wondered too far off her path, not putting into practice some key things she had learned, procrastination on others, and there would be serious consequences. They even gave a very specific time frame for those consequences which was also a little odd.

I did what I always do and relayed what was being said and felt. It was pretty traumatic for both of us, but she figured out really quick who it is was and what it was about. It was a newer guide of hers and one I have never talked to before which is why I did not recognize their energy. The wrathful aspect also seemed to fit well with this person. Not in a mean way, but more of an in-your-face demanding way.

It shook me though and I’ll be honest, I had real fear for her. I have been smacked down by The Morrigan many times for things such as breaking my boundaries – but this was so much more forceful and heavy handed. We talked through all of it, I continued to share pieces that came through as we worked through the issues and she developed her plan of action. Yet, I was still shaken hours later. Her plan is good, she knows exactly what it is all about, but the experience itself still had me a little on edge.

That’s the thing, I don’t channel on demand, that’s not how I developed that skill. I always channel when reading tarot/ oracle – it’s just how it has always been, but that is a controlled setting where I know, when I pick up the cards this is the space we are entering. The random messages aspect is very different. Many times it happens while I am talking or interacting with the person, but sometimes I will just be doing my own thing – a message comes in – I send it to the person – and then continue on with my day. Those ones are usually more words of comfort for a situation I know nothing about but are words they needed at that specific time.

This is why I asked the question I feel everyone who wants to develop this kind of skill should really ask themselves – “Do you really want this?” It is in no way discouraging someone from it. I love this skill, this ability. I think it is incredible and gives me so much wonderment. It also allows me to do the work I do so well. With everything though, there is a cost, a price for having it. Blessings and Curses go hand in hand.

Having an unknown entity pop in like her guide did, in that way, with a vengeance, was rough on me personally. I was unprepared for it and it came like a freight-train. It was overwhelming and draining, yet necessary for her to hear it in that way (her words). I am also very tied to this person and love her very much which made the messages even more unnerving, because her choices now will dictate what happens and I have no control over that.

Being a vessel, a channeler, a messenger is not always easy or comforting. I can not change the messages to be those things either. For me, I just deliver what I am told. Even if I feel it is harsh, it is not up to me to make those determinations. I don’t get to pick and choose. My only job is to pass what is given, how it is given.

In her case, that wrath and fear is what she needed according to her. “Tough love” as she called it.

I will still worry until this feeling passes. The remnants of that still remains floating around as I type this.

I can not speak for anyone else, or their experiences, but this is what mine is like. This is what that skill / ability is like for me. How it comes and how I deal with it. I accept this. I accept the curse aspects because I fully embrace the blessing that it comes from.