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Servitor Spirits and Living Spells

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If you have been following me for a while you will know I do a lot of Living Spells and have three Servitor Spirits that I have created. I do simpler and one off spells as well, but there are a lot of things that I feel work better long term. So a couple of quick understandings and I will walk through some of mine and the reasons why I chose this route. 

A living spell is something we create to work on a long term basis. It is kept up all the time and you either feed it or stir it up on occasion when you need a boost of its magic. They are something you set in order to do a long term job. Some examples of my living spells:

The Money Bowl – This doesn’t give you quick big money. It is more meant to keep money coming in, to keep you afloat, and give small windfalls when needed. Sometimes I stir it up, add some money to it – take some money from it, and recently ancestors have had me adding some other herbs to it. I and several others I know who used my model have had really good luck with this one.

Wards – Any type of ward you set on your house, property, or person are Living spells. Many use sigils, runes, witch’s jars, certain plants, and so forth. For our House I do a combination of a servitor spirit, blessing, and shielding. For my sacred circle outside I have certain trees that stand as protectors, so plant allies. Trees that I work with and nurture on a mundane level and in turn they protect the space on a spiritual level. One of those trees is our Honey Locust, very much a guardian spirit in ours. I will also use the thorns she gives me in spells, in our cars, on my altar-  all for her protective qualities she gives me. 

Jewelry For Purpose: This one came about unintentionally but has become an interesting living spell. It started with a pair of key earrings. When wearing them I would think about the power to unlock hidden secrets, hidden knowledge. Over time that is exactly what they are used for. They have become a powerful tool in communication with spirits, deities, and ancestors. They open a flood gate allowing messages to just flow in. My moldavite I got as an experiment to see what it would do. Over time it blended and melded with my own energy and became a different kind of tool. Holding all the elements within it due to how it was created, thus connecting me to all those elements in different ways. Since these discoveries I have found enchanting jewelry to be a very useful living spell tool.  

My Healing Jar is a combination of a living spell created with plant allies and a Servitor spirit. I recently did a video on my YouTube channel on how I did this particular one. The jar itself was set with plant allies and their energy in order to aid the healing process of others. I felt it needed another cleansing aspect to help with the process because healing requires a lot of energy, so I created a catfish servitor spirit to add to the healing process in a deeper living aspect. I chose the catfish due to the work we are doing with them here on a mundane level to help boost their breeding in the lake (a decline has happened due to an invasive species). Using the exchange of energy – we are doing something for the actual living species and asking for help in return from the spirit of the species. So instead of using my own energy all the time to help others when they ask for healing – now I can just put them in the jar and the plants and catfish can do the job for me.

Servitor Spirits, are spirits we create and bring into being. They are very Golem like in their creation but stay in spirit form. They are controlled and answer only to their creator, because in the process you are binding it to you and using your energy to bring it into being. It is a process and takes time but well worth it in my experience. I currently have three. 

Orn is my longest lived. I created him years ago as a Guardian of my family. He was set to protect us from any outside threats or danger. It took about a month to set him, and his strength and power grows the more time that passes. He is a spirit our whole family feeds by talking to him, thanking him, and recognising his place with us. I feed him with my own energy, sometimes a bowl of water, sometimes with incense, sometimes a small candle. What he feeds on is the energy, because that is what he is. 

The other two are fairly new in creation and still setting up. The catfish specifically made for the living healing spell, and the gargoyle. The gargoyle is the newest and has one very specific job – to ward against the evil eye – unintentional shade thrown at me by another’s jealousy, envy, and so forth. Orn will take care of direct attacks, but I never made him with the thought of the evil eye and those kinds of attacks, so I needed something else specifically for that. Yes I could have just done the charm thing like most, but I have had great success with these types of servitor spirits and I trust them. 

There is a time and place for single spells. Where you work them once for a specific outcome or job. When it comes to protections, money, and constantly needed things, Living spells are my choice. There is a lot more time and upfront work to set them up and a little maintenance along the way – but because of them, I do not spend my time worrying or stressing about those aspects which allows me to spend that time and energy in other areas.