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A New Dawn

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It really started heavily yesterday – The Shift.

This shift is not new. I have spoken about it. I knew it was coming. My Goddess has been telling me for months. I did not fully grasp it though. I did not understand the depth or scope of what was taking place. In all honesty, I feel I am still at the surface of truly understanding it and that is ok. That’s why we journey. It is what makes exploring an adventure.

This morning though has been incredible! The picture below is of just one of the conversations with my Goddess this morning, and one that hit me the hardest. Giving me a glimpse of where we are and are starting.

Strengthening Our Union. (top line)

Faith is not static, it changes and grows as we change and grow. It comes from the bonds we build and nurture. The ones we choose to build and nurture. This is a time of expanding both views and efforts. To see more of Her. To know Her in new ways and through a new lens. Not leaving behind anything – expanding upon.

I had already seen Her as more than what others credited to Her. She has shown me and told me that over the years. Yet this next side of Her that She is showing me now, goes even beyond that scope. Not so much in the capability but in the way.

So I asked Her what we are manifesting right now. (bottom line)

The Warrior of Heart is manifesting a new journey – a new exploration of discovery.

Remember all you have learned for it is still a part of you – this is about expanding and becoming more than just that. We are moving into Her side of Fire – of Light – of Creation.

Indulge in myself – my dreams and desires. A time of Birth – Not Rebirth, for rebirth is a different stage and a different process – it is the act of transition – where Birth is the act of growing, of newness, the point after the Well and after the Transition. This is a time to unleash the creative soul. The part of newness and new beginnings. New creations to be born. New Life, just at the dawn of its journey.

I have felt stuck and stagnant for months. Not that I wasn’t working – I have been working and doing all kinds of things. I thought this transition She was talking about was moving from a place of learning to a place of just sharing for a while. I suppose in a sense that is true. I have completed one aspect that has taken many years to fully comprehend and put into living practice. One side of Her that I dived into the depths of, thus also diving into the depths of me in those aspects. I think Her messages before though had more to do with realizing that so I can move to this next stage, then a completion of my own journey of discovery. 

I have spent so much of my life in the Mists. That space between Death and Birth. A place of memory, of Water, of understanding and of foundations. Yes, Life and creation were there but in different ways. I understand now that all that work was about building a strong and solid foundation – a Keystone. I see now that all of my work up until now had to do with that.

Learning about the seen and unseen and how they are connected. How to build bonds, nurture them, and speak/ listen to them. How to connect and see all the connections on the Web. How to tear down what no longer serves so something new can grow. How to walk through storms and see purpose in the Tower. How to create the right tools and see them as more than just tools. How perspective – balance – justice – judgment – and voice really work. So many other things that are not listed here but ingrained in both myself and all my previous work.

No, my stagnant feeling was coming from not shifting into this new space. A space of building on top of all this deep foundation we have built. I felt stuck because this was not a time to pause – but a time to shift into this new journey – something completely new from where I was, with new lessons, new adventures, new possibilities. A place of Her Fire side that is about creation not destruction. Her Earth, that is about growing and expanding, not grounding and holding. Her Air, that is about using my thoughts and voice in new ways. Her water, that is about movement and feeding new growth instead of its holding space of memory and reshaping. It is much more than all this but it gives a high overview snapshot of what I am meaning.

I am feeling so elated and excited. Like a whole new door has opened and I am at the beginning of this brand new adventure. It is like how I felt in the beginning of connecting to my Goddess. She has been trying to tell me all this time, just I had to release both of us from these boxes I had built before I could see it. 

My Ancestors, especially my Ozark Women are also very excited to move into this space. Like they were waiting for me to finally “get it”. 

Perhaps this is why I am writing this. Because They all have been telling me for months and yet I just wasn’t getting it. Thus I kept feeling stuck no matter what I tried. Too often we are telling people when they feel stuck to go back to the beginning to reignite the flame – but I think we may be wrong. Perhaps the “stuck” is a sign for us to expand beyond the boxes we have built for us – for our guides – for our path. We are not leaving these things behind – we are allowing them to grow beyond the limited scope we have trapped them in. We are allowing them to expand.

I have no doubt I am on the right path and finally moving in the right direction. There are so many signs beyond just my feelings and conversations with my Goddess and my Ancestors. I have been complaining for months and months that my social media feeds have been filled with irritating things, angry people, and just sadness – This morning though it was quite the opposite. It is filled with hopeful – upbeat – and creative things. 

I completely rearranged and reset my altar spaces yesterday to reflect some of these changes for me – and this morning when I walked in, my Turkey Vulture skull was turned on its side and one of their feathers was inside my Temple representation on my altar. Both extremely odd, with no physical explanations, but deeply significant spiritual ones. A signal that the foundation there has been built – it stands strong – and now it is time to build upon it.

I have no idea where all this will go, what it will lead to, what I will discover, but I am over the moon elated. I am excited and bursting with anticipation. And as always, I will be sharing it all here!