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The Darkness within is stirring once again…

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The Darkness is not what you think it is. It is not something you can ignore or push down. It is not evil –  It is where the power to act comes from. It is where our strength and determination comes from. It is what our survival depends on. The Darkness is not what you think it is.

Love is both light and dark. The light is what we build and nurture love with. The dark is how we protect that love. Our society, seeped in christian concepts, has disconnected us from our darkness the same as it has disconnected us from the nature we are a part of. It does not matter if you believe in their religion because their religion has been woven into our society so well that most do not even see its depths. Countries were built upon its framework. Laws were built within its narrow views. Other religions, including many reconstructions, have unknowingly been built upon its structures. The christian’s say the greatest trick the devil ever did was to convince the world he did not exist – I would say that would make the church the devil of our society then – making people believe there is a separation between church and state, religion and the society we live in – all the while knowing it has been woven into them with great intention.

I struggled for a long time with the messages from my Guides about christianity specifically. Not because I was christian or believed in their faith, but because I feel everyone has the right to believe as they want and to connect to Divine in their own ways. After all, my Deities also said “What you call Divine – the name – does not matter”.  It has become very clear though the reasoning behind these messages – Messages that were very clear about the need to deconstruct it and the trap it has created in this world, and they are right.

Christianity is based on a separation of us and the world we live in. They turned this world into something to be endured – Instead of something to be experienced. They disconnected the people from being present in their environment/ life and instead only focused on what comes after we die. The church broke the mindset of animism, our connections to everything around us, to nature, to Divine, to each other – and replaced it with themselves. Creating an emptiness within people that they just can’t fill because they do not even understand where it comes from. They try to fill this hole in themselves with distractions, with other people, with other material things, sometimes even destructively – yet the emptiness remains. As a child, we do not have the emptiness – it only comes with time – with society slowly whittling away those connections to nature, to the energies around us that we are naturally connected to – and pushing them into a place they call “the Darkness”. 

They used fear and domination to elicit obedience and conformity. They placed themselves as the middle man between the people and Divine – stating there is no true connection with Divine if it was not through them, through their book, their teachings, their buildings and their priests. Using fear of what comes after this life, to control and dictate what one does in this life. Taking the people from a place of being a part of this world – just one energy, connected to all the others around us, striving to live together in Harmony – To a place of domination, being better than the “lower” life around us, being their “caretakers” and the idea this is all here to serve only the needs of the people. All the while telling the people that “evil” is all around them, tempting them, trying to get them to stray off their path, and separate them from the Divine – Using fear to ensure they stay disconnected from the energies around them and the power they already hold within them. That Darkness within, gnawing at you that something isn’t right – that this world isn’t right – and the emptiness inside only grows. While the energies of this world are reaching out to you, trying to bring you back to harmony, but are claimed to be demons by the church, trying to lead you astray – or a mental illness by society (deeming you crazy) – because once you have connected to them you will see the world for what it really is. The first “sin” in their religion is knowledge. Knowledge. This is because knowledge would break their control over the people. The church does not want knowledge to be open to everyone because then people would not need them as a middle man – they want control and obedience because that is how they stay in power. So the knowledge that does not fit with their narrative, and energies that do not come from them, are labeled the Darkness. They call the Darkness evil. Yet the Darkness is not what they say it is.

The Darkness is many things. It is our response to fear. It is our call to action when we are threatened. It is the whispers of nature around us trying to call us back to harmony. It is our ancestors trying to guide us. It is the emptiness that can not be filled with things, but can be healed by connections. It is our own self loathing because we do not feel we fit into this broken world. It is the courage that rises when we are protecting that which we love. It is the determination we summon when we must do something bigger than ourselves. It is what they say to us when we speak a truth that is not theirs. It is what they call knowledge that breaks their control and calls us home to the earth and all upon it (nature). It is what they call Divine when it is not theirs. It is what we push down to try to fit in. The Darkness is many things, but it is not evil. It is a part of us that is needed just as much as our Light. 

Christianity is the trap. I wish I could say otherwise. I wish I could just not say it at all because isn’t any connection to Divine a good one? The problem though is that they are not connected to Divine, because Divine is not just one pattern – it’s all of them together. A part of Divine lives in you and every animal, tree, element, and living thing around you. Part of that Divine are the teethers that connect us all together – every pattern connecting to another. The church intentionally breaks those connections, convinces the people to break those connections, and more often than not the people do not even realize it is happening because it has been happening their whole lives, disguised as just being normal – just how life is. It may be the biggest reason they hate those they call witches – because those are the people who understand nature and those connections. So like all the rest – those people, those they call witches, are also part of the Darkness – evil. 

It has taken me a long time to muster up the courage to say this publicly. Not because I did not see it or doubted its validity. Not because I did not understand and see what my Guides were saying. No, I skirted around this, hinting at it, and poking at it here and there for only two reasons. The first, because people can get very nasty when they feel threatened – and doubt not, these understandings about the church are a threat to them. The second and most important to me, my desire to let anyone believe and follow whatever they want because it is not for me to say what is true or not for them. We all walk our own paths, build our own connections, have our own experiences, and carry our own beliefs. I believe all of these things are vital for someone’s personal growth and happiness. I protect these beliefs as sacred. The problem though is that christianity, above all other organized religions, is  purposely built to disconnect people from Divine – from this world – from all the energies except people that reside here, and to control those people. It is not a religion that brings wholeness to the people or the world – It brings disconnect, dominance, control, war, and destruction. It deepens the emptiness in people and threatens all who do not fall under its banner. This is not the work of Divine – this is the work of humans. 

Can you still connect to their image of Divine, follow their teachings, be connected to the other energies – to those of nature and this world as an individual (what some call a christian witch)? Some will argue yes. I for a long time would argue yes. But there is doubt, because it is not just the Divine you are connecting to – it is the teachings and structure as well and those do not align with a model of harmony with nature. Christianity wasn’t created for connection, it was created as a means to control the people, the societies, and the world – and this is seen in the teachings. 

My last thoughts are of this – The mentality, the subtly ingrained structure of christianity, is also seen in many organized pagan and witch traditions. Not the disconnection or narrowed views, but we see it in the way people view Divine, how they worship Divine, and how some use it to control the narrative of Divine. Valuing a story from long ago, that was someone’s perspective/ experience, above another person’s real and personal experience today. Trying to tell someone else what they have to do in order to connect, instead of just sharing what worked for them. Telling someone how to practice and rules that must be followed when in truth the only rules are the ones nature holds. I don’t even think most people are aware of it on a conscious level – perhaps because that structure, so ingrained into the fabric of society and people, gives a comfort of familiarity. Our ancestors did not have books and organizations telling them the structures – they learned by connecting, observing, and living as a part of nature and Divine. Yes, some was passed person to person – but it started somewhere and changed with each person’s personal journey, exploration, experimentation, and new discoveries. We are not static, we evolve and grow. Nature is not static – It is filled with cycles, changes, and evolutions. Divine is not static because it is connected to the people and to nature, a part of all of us.