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Building Your Ancestral Pantheon

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The way I view an Ancestral Pantheon is very similar to the way others would view something like saints. They are Ancestors within your line that hold, or you associate with, certain domains. I’ll explain this by using my Ozark Women as an example.

My Ozark Women are my 5th through 2nd great grandmothers – Ellendar, Polly (Mary), Sarilda, and Mary Ellen – who lived in the Ozarks. I found them while doing my genealogy and they just really stuck out – I was drawn to them but didn’t really know why. So I started by breaking out my cards (tarot) to strike up a conversation with them. To let them tell me their stories or whatever else they wanted to tell me. Then I started finding written stories, news articles, and such about them which confirmed some of the stories about them.

Over time I got to know each one of them, their stories, and domains they played in – both separately and together as a group. Ellendar is the quietest. She is very much the dreamer, the hopeful, the watcher/ observer. She doesn’t speak up often in the group, but when she does it is in the capacity of seeing possibilities. Polly is the ring leader. She is very much the diplomat, leader, blending everything together and ensuring it flows correctly. She is the ringleader of the group and the balancer – Blessings and Curses. Sarilda is the spell creator, the defiant, the independent, and the willful. She is usually the one putting the components of our spells and rituals together. She is also my warning bell. She has a knack for warning me of danger coming, it would just be nice if she did it in a less scary manner – but no, it’s always an abrupt and very scary dream or vision. Mary Ellen is the last of the four. Due to personal loss she really dived into connection with the dead. She has taught me a lot in honing those skills myself. Although each of them are separate – when it comes to the type of spellwork and growth I do with them – they work as a team, each bringing their own component to the mix. Each holds their own domains which I can call upon in times of need – and they also work together as a fluid group, especially in magical practice.

Adeliza is another ancestor much further back in my line that I have connected with. She was a very unconventional woman in her time (1091-1163). As a descendant of the Normandy line she was very willful and strong. Standing in her own power – feminine power. After her husband died she continued to rule and control their lands and holdings. This caused a lot of friction with the church, I suspect mostly because she was a woman and highly respected by her people. I found a really interesting story recorded by the church about her. One that was obviously made up in order to make her out to be a woman in league with evil in order to strip her of her position and force her into a nunnery. Her own telling of this is much different and it actually makes sense. She is who I call upon when I need that kind of power. The power to stand strong and be that formidable woman. 

Poppa is another a little further back. There are some conflicting historical stories about her, but extremely limited. She had foresight. The ability to see patterns and cycles. To understand them and to know how to manipulate them. Strategic mind and problem solving is her domain and where I call upon her from time to time when I’m stuck.

Lastly is Achtan. She has some very deep connections and domains spiritually that are very similar to my own. Her stories are enlightening and there is much to still learn with her. I’m not ready to share all that though – not yet. 

Together though, these are the main ancestors that have come forth so far and that I have built bonds with. Ones that have shown a desire to work with me and on the things I am working on. They are my ancestral pantheon. Each holds their own domains – things they are more connected to and work I am doing that they participate in. 

I think ancestors get overlooked as being these kinds of helpers. More often people seem to seek out Deities for these purposes. That’s fine, I work with Deities too. Ancestors are special though. There is a bond there and a memory you carry deep inside even if you never knew them in life. There is a connection of blood and you are their latest legacy so they have a different kind of investment in you. Not every ancestor will come forward, or want to work with you. The further back you go the more they multiply, so it’s a lot of people. There will be ones that do though. Perhaps they are drawn to what you are doing – perhaps they are part of your ancestral soul – perhaps there is some other connection that pulls you together. I can’t say for sure why these particular ones have come forward and made themselves known – but all have direct connection to my personal path and work.

You may have worked on your genealogy and have certain ones that you are deeply drawn to, even just a name that sticks hard with you. I would reach out – see if they want to connect and tell you any stories about themselves. Perhaps you don’t know anything about your heritage – in that case just reach out to see if anyone wants to talk. You may not have a name at first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get their stories and build a bond with them. Eventually they will give you something to call them.

I highly encourage doing this work. To build those connections – let them tell their own stories – let them show you the domains they can help you in. If you are just starting this journey, I suggest not trying to connect ones you knew in life. There is a lot of personal perspective there that can distort what they are really trying to tell you. Start with people further back and then you can work your way into more recent ones after you have solid practice and understand how they communicate with you. Connect with those of your blood and build your own ancestral pantheon. 

I know personally, I have gained some amazing information – I am learning so much from them that is furthering my own practices and life – I have built another layer of protections and those willing to help – and I have also gained a deeper understanding of myself.