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That Which Drives Us and the Tools We Wield

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I think Deities and spirits use symbolism as a communication tool because it gives us a focus. Something simple to remind us of something much deeper. The symbol itself is just a surface level idea or meaning to catch our attention. It is up to us to dig deeper to understand its complexity and relation to our path. 

On my recent journey and tool creations, They gave me a lot of symbolism and surface information. All of them are very powerful and impacted me greatly even in their surface form. I think a lot of that has to do with the foundations we had already built and growth I have already gone through. Even though the initial information is a glimpse of the concept, my mind has already started churning it and seeing more than is there. All that previous work was necessary in order to get to this point. 

Too often I see the impatience of people. They want to fly though or completely skip certain work in order to get to the “good stuff”. They want to wield the power but not go through the training it requires. I get it. The process is long and tedious. It’s not flashy and aesthetic. Like any skill though, we really do need a good grasp of the fundamentals in order to truly get the full effect. We have to build the bonds to experience communication. We have to understand the aspects of each energy in order to weave them together in a way they actually work as we intend. We have to know what is necessary in order to shape what we desire. 

I’m telling you all this because of what I am about to share with you. The concepts may seem simple and straightforward on their surface, but you will have to take them deeper to find their meaning within your practice or path. For what I share is a structure, a guide, but how it works for you, how it is applied, is personal. They are not instructions and rules to be followed in the context of “my way”. My way is developed by my path, as your way will be developed by yours. Structure, like symbolism, gives us a focus – what we do with that focus and where we take it is entirely up to each individual. What it means to each of us may look very different. How we apply it may look very different. It is supposed to be that way. So let’s get started.

What Drives Life :

Root : Where we begin – what feeds us – what grounds us

Where we begin – For me this speaks of heritage, the ancestral soul, what is carried forward in the memory of DNA, my natural skills and abilities.

What feeds me is my thirst for knowledge, experience, lessons I have learned, learning from my failures, love, emotions,  connections, bonds I build, the energy that surrounds me, what I literally feed my physical body, and the like are all things that feed into me.

What grounds me – Foundations I have built that govern my mundane, spiritual, and magical life. That which I love and is important to me. My bonds I actively cultivated with my Guides. The energy of The Web and the Earth itself. My limitations and scars – humility. My responsibilities. 

Torc : The Promise and Possibilities in Front of us.

Oaths and promises given must be honored and fulfilled. Seeing all the various options in order to pick the right action. Knowing that there is no one way to get from point a to point b and it is up to me to choose the best way for my own path. Staying optimistic even when my world seems to be crumbling around me – there is always a way forward as long as there is breath in my lungs and my heart is beating. 

Hammer : Our Strength – Our Determination – Our Will 

The tools I use to create and to change. What keeps me moving forward. What gives me the ability to hold optimism and discover new opportunities. The power I hold within myself. The energy I use to create change. What feeds my actions and my desires. The power behind my weapon, to defend, stealth, or strike.

Tears : Our Sorrow – Our Pain – Our Loss

Duality in all forms – Sorrow, pain, and loss all come because I cared, because I loved. If I did not love, I would not feel these. A reminder that there are curses and blessings in everything. To accept the blessing I must also be willing to accept the curse that comes with it. Every cycle, every life, has a series of ups and downs. We need the downs to learn and grow, to truly appreciate and hold gratitude in the ups.

Feathers : Thought and Memory

All life that we perceive is based in thought and memory. All emotion is tied to thought and memory – emotion is what anchors them. Thought is how we learn, grow, experience, make choices, make discoveries and theories, create, and destroy. Memory guides us, teaches us, builds our boundaries, holds what is sacred, and keeps us going in the rough times. 

The Tools I Wield : 

My Shield : The Morrigan

For me, my shield is The Morrigan. She has taught me foundations, what is important to guard, and how to do that with integrity. She is my biggest protector and warning signal. She is my north star guiding me along my path, my center. She grounds me, keeping my eyes and mind open. Knowing when to defend or strike. The weight and acceptance of the responsibility to wield power.

My Sword : The Runes

The Runes are representations of energy patterns and ideas. Weaving and blending them together in certain ways creates weapons to defend, to stealth, and to strike. They are a tool, forged by my hand, and used by my will. They are a means by which to create or destroy. The power resides within me though, the weapon is just an extension of that power.

My Horn : Voice

The horn is used to take something within yourself or to send something out into the world. To drink from, or to create sound with. My shield gave me knowing and the why’s. My sword gave me the ability, the how’s. My voice gives it all life, unleashing that power out into the world.

None can exist without the other if I am to be successful. Each has their own role to play. Each giving something needed. Each building upon the other. The aspects that drive life and the tools to move through it.

Your tools will look different then mine, because your path is different then mine. Your role in this life, your destiny, is unique to you and your journey. That is why this is a structure but not instructions. I gave examples of what this looks like for me. Now it is up to you to look and discover what those are to you. The structure helps us to organize and gives a focus to start from. Only you go deeper than the surface to discover your truth of it. Even what I shared contains even more depths. The deeper I go, the more I grow from it.

Experimenting is a key part of learning and discovery. So I challenge each of you who stumbles upon this and reads it : Write down each of these structures. Spend time thinking, reflecting, and going deeper within yourself in them. Find out what each means to you. How do they work in your life and on your path? Where are there misalignments? How does each one connect to the other? What needs to be let go of and what needs to be added? How can you use them to improve your life, your bonds, your spirituality, your path?