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The Longest Night – Meaning Matters

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Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. As I follow the cycles of the Moon month to month, the solstices represent that same cycle to me on a macro level. Winter Solstice marks the start of a new cycle, just as the New Moon does. 

The New Moon is a starting place. Welcoming a new cycle of growth, of transformation. From New Moon to the first quarter is about ideas and imagination. On the macro level that time translates to Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox. This is the time where we dream up our possibilities, pick a direction, and start planning our actions to get there. From Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice (1st Quarter to full moon) we put our plan into action, planting the seeds, and begin working the journey. From Summer Solstice to the Fall Equinox  (Full Moon to 3rd Quarter) we continue to nurture and work our plan. Helping it grow and flourish. Making adjustments and preparing for its completion. From Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice (4th Quarter) is the time for reflection and resolution. This is where we reap what we sowed, discover what worked and what did not, including the “whys”. We reflect on the journey itself, the changes it created, and what still needs to be done in the next cycle. It is also where we celebrate our accomplishments and joys from the journey. Then it all begins again with the Winter Solstice.

Not everyone sees it this way, but this is how I see that cycle both in micro time (moon cycles) and macro time (sun cycles). It is part of the foundation I built with The Morrigan and the Wheel of Time She gave me. It is more about the rhythm of the cycles than the actual time, but time helps us stay focused. New Moon is also sacred to The Morrigan in my practice. It is Her time, the beginning and the end, which in turn makes Winter Solstice my most sacred day of the year. 

This past year was full of massive changes and growth. I learned all types of new magic and ways to manipulate The Web. I gained a partner on my journey to experiment with, go deeper into concepts with, and gained new perspectives from. Together we laid the foundations for something old to rise again in the world, but in a new way. A blending of concepts so it fits into the world of now. It was a year of discovery and understanding. So I think this next year is going to be a year of going deeper. Putting structure on top of this foundation we created. 

Winter Solstice is in 3 days. 3 Days until the wheel turns again and a new depth of this journey, of my life, begins. It is not a single day though, it is a season of time that I see the beginning marked by a day. A day that marks the ending of one aspect and the beginning of the next. Not a whole new journey or path, but the continuation of my journey of personal growth.

Winter Solstice is in 3 days and I feel my Goddess getting restless. Every day that draws closer, I feel Her anticipation swirling beneath the surface. For me, this is Her sacred day. A day devoted to Her, our partnership, and the road we are traveling together. Shifting from reflection to unleashing the possibilities of imagination. 

Winter Solstice is in 3 days and I will be spending that time celebrating my bond with Her, the work we have done, and preparing myself for the next chapter.