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Actually Hearing Deity – Do you really want the skill?

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So there was a post yesterday in one of my Morrigan groups and the poster was basically asking how others heard Her. The mood struck me so I decided to reply : 

I started with communicating through tarot – and still enjoy getting stories from Her and communicating in that manner. I found after training myself to do trance work though our direct communication just skyrocketed. In the beginning I used tarot to confirm what I got in vision/ trance because I like checks and wanted to make sure it aligned. I feel Her energy, get verbal messages and communication, visions, signs, and conversate through tarot. It took a lot of work and time though to get to this stage. If you are interested I can send you a video that teaches how to train yourself to do trance work.”

I kept watching the post and replies to see what others said. Most though talked about signs, animals, and prayer, but not really mentioning directly hearing Her voice. First off, there is nothing wrong with this at all. It did bring me back to something I have run into over the years and a question that is never far behind it… When I tell about my communications with The Morrigan, ancestors, and other deities – what that actual experience is like for me – they seem amazed and awed. For me though, it makes me feel like the odd person out, and brings me to reflecting on the why. Why do I have this skill to hear Them so clearly as if talking to a person right next to me? I always come back to the same conclusion though…

I sacrificed and worked really hard for it over several years. I really really wanted to have clear, direct communication. I had to carve out at least 2-3 hours every single day to practice, doing trance work, understanding how to build that bond, and putting myself into that space to communicate directly with Them. I had work, kids, a husband, and day to day life all going on at the same time – so it’s not like it was an easy task. I sacrificed sleep some days – early mornings or late nights. I sacrificed “me” time, tv time, art time, etc. 

I got some results fairly quickly – visions, a few words – but it took quite a bit of time to get to my current level. Then there is all the time that was spent developing and honing that skill from a place of “specific time” to “all the time” – meaning I get random messages and conversations from them outside of trance work or time set aside to listen to Them. 

Most of my training was with The Morrigan and Her guiding me through the work. Once the skill was there it just seems to be open to the rest. I still have to build that bond with those I want to connect to and hear in this way but it is much quicker and easier now because I did all the upfront work and built the skill. 

I believe the key to any skill, developing any real magic, requires time, dedicated practice, and patience. It seems so many people are looking for quick solutions or results. They get frustrated if they don’t start getting some kind of immediate result from their work. I have even had people complain to me about the time needed to put into this kind of work. Here’s my thought on this though – If you really want it, if it is something important to you, you will carve out that time. It’s easy to say that you just don’t have that kind of time, yet we make it for all the other things we want to do. If you are one of those people, just ask yourself honestly if you really do want it and why do you want it. It is ok if the answer is no. It is ok if it is not worth it to you to put in the time – just don’t be disappointed if you do not develop the skill. It is like everything else we learn in life.

If your answer is “yes” though, you will need to carve out the time and be dedicated to that goal. It won’t be easy. It won’t be quick. In my experience though, the pay off is incredible. It was worth all the time, all the frustrations, all the sacrifices. I love what I have with Them. I love being able to have this type of clear communication with Them. It has helped my personal growth and magical practices in exponential ways. 

So yeah, I guess I may be odd – but I don’t believe it is not something every person can achieve. It just takes real time and sacrifice of time. I believe everyone can get to this if it is something they truly want and honestly work for. We work hard for so many other things in the material world – our spiritual world is no different.