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Something I never Thought Would Happen, Happened

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I have recently started working with Logi, a Northern/ Norse God – pre-Aesir. Like His brother Kari, Logi is heavily pushing Galdr the Runes. It is a form of magical crafting that incorporates bind runes and then singing them – which is the high overview of Galdr. I say “high overview” because after last night I know that it goes much deeper.

I have always freely shared my spells and workings. I know it’s taboo in a lot of the witchy community, but I think it helps people more to see it. How it is done, how the elements are blended together, and so forth. These are things I do not see much of but that many are looking for. Seeing it gives it a bit more context then just reading it. I have never been worried about others messing with my personal spells/ work because I have some heavy protections that are in place all the time. I also am confident in my own power and that which I put into my spells. That may sound arrogant to some, but it is just what it is. It’s not arrogance, it’s confidence built from experience.

Yesterday I let Logi choose the next three runes we were going to bind together. Using the Rune meanings They gave me during my last Rune Journey (see and to learn more of how that was done) I started looking at how to combine those energies and the Galdr them. The more I worked with it, each step binding to the next, I felt a type of power I have never felt from a spell before, and at it’s essence Galdr is a spell work. I was blown away though by the raw power that was emerging.

I have felt power in all my spells before but this one was different. Even now it is hard to put into words but even harder to reconcile in my head. Then all of Logi’s warnings made sense – “Be careful and mindful what you share – because what you share is a weapon”. I’ll be honest that I did not take that as serious as I should have. He repeated it over and over for days, but I was casually like “I know, everything can be a weapon, I got it”. No, this magic is very different then anything else I have ever encountered, at least the way He is teaching me. Even though I am still just at the tip of this iceberg, there are very dangerous elements to this magic if not used correctly. For the first time in my life, I find myself hesitant to share the “how to.” My soul has become adamant about not sharing some of these binds at all with anyone beyond my witchy clan.

I thought that a good night sleep and fresh perspective might have changed those thoughts, but all it did was solidify them. This is a type of magic that requires a good amount of foundation work, and depth of understanding. It is not a magic that anyone should just pick up and start playing with, at least not the way I am being guiding to do it. I hate that thought because I am the person that advocates experimenting with everything and even though there is magic I feel you need some foundations for, I never encountered a magic that I felt was so extremely advanced that I would hesitate to share for that reason. These thoughts have put an unease within myself. 

So yeah, I understand now, at least enough, about what Logi was talking about. I can see now how this is a true weapon. Something that could be used in extremely destructive ways if they user does not have a strong personal foundation, the right mindset, a solid understanding of perspective – duality – judgement – justice, and the inner temperance to wield it. This is not just a self magic, a you focused magic, this seems to be a physical world magic on steroids. This could be a very dangerous magic in the wrong hands / untrained person. 

I still do not have the words to convey the feelings – but the power behind this magic is unlike anything I have ever encountered and I am really seasoned in my practice. Perhaps it is due to the physical/ spiritual world duality implications. Maybe it has to do with the general nature of people today. I have more questions then answers at this point. I’m ok with that part – having questions, but He is right that I will need to be very careful how and what I share as I journey with this. Some, if not most, of the actual creations will have to be saved for only those who I know have done all the foundation works needed. I hate that, but I have also learned to listen to my Guides and trust Them. He is super adamant about this, so I will listen. Perhaps later things will change, but for now – beyond basics – I will not be sharing my personal binds and Galdr. I will however keep sharing all my other stuff and journey. 

No matter what, this is going to be a very interesting journey.