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A Year of Growth…

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It’s been just a little over a year since I have written here and a lot has changed.

I went heavy into ancestor work making some amazing discoveries and developing new magical abilities. Developed a deep friendship with another witch who has become my experimenting partner and sister in magic. Went deep into into magical concepts that I thought I understood but realized I was just on the surface of. Had a Deity (Kari) leave me and become another’s – just to have His brother Logi enter my life. Performed one of the largest, and maybe one of the most important spells to date, The Bridge spell. Raised an old magical cult from the shadows, and built the Temple of the Crane so others had a place to just explore and experiment with others. And through it all The Morrigan stood ever present and always my guiding star.

My path has not changed – it has deepened. My magic and skills lie in death, creation, and the Well that lies between – Transformation magic. The Fire that clears the way, and the Waters that feeds what is built next. The Ice that holds memory, the Fire that melts it, unleashing it upon the world.

Some of you will understand all of this and some may not. That is ok. I’m not going to be backtracking though – I don’t think I could because there is just too much. That has always been a problem of mine – always thinking I need to explain everything so others have the full backstory. When I go through transformative growth though it is usually massive and fast. Even missing a few days of sharing throws me off because so much has happened in those few days. Then I get stuck in this internal struggle of how to explain it all, which becomes overwhelming. All of it stems from this need to explain all the steps so others have the full picture – thing is, I don’t need to. I need to share the important parts, but not always how I got there step by step, especially when I’m just talking about my own journey. So if you want to get caught up on the day to day stuff, or keep up with the day to stuff, follow me on Facebook. It’s usually the place I share on the daily. My YouTube is also a good resource for the magic and experiments I am doing, along with witchy tips.

This space I think is going to turn into my Witchy Diary. A place of vulnerability, personal thoughts and feelings, both of my journey and things I observe in our community. A place to share thoughts on what I see going on, as well as an actual diary type space. A peak behind the curtain so to speak.

I did turn off comments here because the spammers are just too much. If you want to reach out, have questions, or need help with something – reach out to me on one of my social media platforms. I am always open to talking and helping – it’s part of my job as Seneschal, and something I personally enjoy.

So I hope you follow along, connect, get inspired, and find some useful things to help you along your own path!