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Witchcraft: Study and Experimentation

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Read, Research, Experiment…
I came across an article by Allen Cross ( ) this morning and would have to say I agree with the points made. It led me back to another point that has been bothering me for quite some time now in the online witch community…. taking the time to research and learn.
For me this is just a logical step when I start anything new. I want to see it (whatever “it” might be) from a variety of perspectives. I want to learn its history, how it fit into cultures, and how it evolved over time. I want to learn the facts as well as hear others personal experiences. Then I like to experiment with it on my own, to dive deeper into it, to push its boundaries, so I can understand it from my own experience/ perspective.
I naively believe this is the process that the majority of people follow, and time and time again I am proved wrong. Now I know there are others out there like me, and even hope it is the majority, yet I see more people just wanting things handed to them or short cuts that take out that in-depth learning. They want someone to give them a hex or spell but they are uninterested in knowing all the ins and outs (why you do certain things, use certain components, what can be changed – because what works for one will not always work for another).
Perhaps it is the seeker in me, but learning and experimenting is extremely fun for me. I am not being handed a “how to” I am creating my “how to for me”.
As much as we might like to say there are no rules, the reality is that there are some basic knowledge and understandings that do create some base rules of practice. There are some basic rules about energy, which at the core is what we use and manipulate in witchcraft, and thus that will create some base rules for energy work. If you do not know them, if you have not experimented with them and pushed boundaries, you are only cheating yourself. You will never achieve your strongest potential or power, at least in my opinion.
People tend to buck the word “rules” because of how it is used to control people in our society. This isn’t about control of people. I have no desire to dictate to anyone how they should practice, believe in, or use, but if you do not understand the rules/ boundaries of the forces you are working with you will either not get the results you want or can end up in a very dangerous situation that you can not control.
Just think about it…

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