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My experience with, and thoughts on, Moldavite

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I have seen a lot of talk about moldavite in the witchy community for a while now. Started on tiktok with people talking about how it transforms your life, even to the point of rough forced change. Most tell horror stories, some telling positive ones. I’m not a big crystal person (moldavite is glass by the way), but I like to investigate things and so I hopped on down to my local witchy shop.

I looked at the four pieces they had there. One called to me from the start but I picked up other pieces to see the difference. I was surprised that I felt a vibration in my hand with all of them, however the piece I chose was the one I was first drawn to,  the strongest vibration and had a beautiful emotional feel with it. Now the sticker shock is hefty, at least for the frugal me. I will be honest, rarely have I ever spent that kind of money for something not essential.

I took it home and held it for a while. Then I looked at it through candle light (above). I spent a couple of hours just examining it, and feeling its energy. Eventually my husband rounded up some copper and I crafted it into a necklace. I have worn the necklace at all times except while showering, this includes wearing it when I slept. It’s been a few weeks now and these were my personal observations…

I believe it definitely has an energy to it. If you think about it in a scientific sense I can see how this is possible. When the meteorite hit, there was energy from the meteorite, the earth, and the collision itself. I can see how a mix of those energies could be trapped in the glass, in the bubbles, in the matter embedded in it. So if it has its own energy and energy signature, and a person has their own energy and energy signature, it makes sense that when the two come into contact with each other, depending on how contrasting the energies are, changes will occur. Two energies vibrating at different frequencies, when put into the same area, will try to find  balance. The further apart the energies, the more destruction or chaotic the changes may seem.

 Another interesting thought here is that it is made from the elements of water, land, sky. In my traditions these represent the journey of the soul. Life – Death – Rebirth, Mind- Body – Soul, Self- Community – Divine. So a theory could be, if moldavite is made of all three, and they are in balance, the experiences of the wearer will be reflective of their own balance or imbalance of the elements. For example: A person who has brought themselves to a closer balance (within themselves and the world around them) before wearing moldavite, will experience a less dramatic change but instead experience more of an enhancement of energy. A person who has not brought themselves to balance yet, will experience a more dramatic and sometimes hard forced change to bring to balance. 

Then there is mind-set to consider. If you approach something with fear and expecting negative occurrences, then I feel that is what you will get. You are bringing that it and surrounding yourself with that type of energy, thus you will attract that type of energy. This also works in reverse.

Now that we are past the theory aspect, here has been my personal experience. For the first couple of days it was a tad strange. It was like feeling it’s energy and my energy melding together. Nothing bad, it was actually amazing to feel since I went into this with a healthy amount of skepticism. Not super powerful but definitely felt the energy weaving together. I have experienced some heightened awareness and a growth in my practice. I am not sure if that was the moldavite though as I have been working on some new practices, studying, learning and experimenting. I have also been going through an explosive period of growth the last few years in my practice and spiritualism. So the added energy could be giving me a boost, but it could also be all the learning and work I have been putting in. I personally believe it is a combination of both. It came at a time where I am doing a lot of work in the area of elements, deity work, and learning some very old nature based magic, which it seems very attuned with.

So my suggestion for anyone going this route: go into working with moldavite without expectations. If you have a negative reaction, do shadow work to find the imbalances. If possible go to a physical store and feel several pieces and see if you notice differences in the energy with any of them. If one resonates, then maybe you found the right one for you. 

Due to it trending there are a lot of fakes going around. Be careful where you buy and know you will be paying a lot. There are several websites that talk about how to see the differences and good sellers to go through. Just do your research.

All in all, I think this is an amazing tool, at least for me and where I am on my path. Although I still have a hard time reconciling the price in my head, it has been worth it in my opinion. At the end of the day, the journey you are on is being created by you, and your experiences will be yours alone.

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