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The Death Tree

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A few years ago we noticed something we had never seen before at the lake house… A huge flock (30-50ish) predator birds gathering in this tree and flying around the property. What was odd is that it was Turkey Vultures, crows, hawks, and couple of eagles, and so forth, all together. This went on for several more months. Because they were all hunters and predator birds, I loving named the tree The Death Tree.

It was amazing to experience and it also kicked off the most explosive time of magical and spiritual growth for myself.

The white one in the back with the Crow sitting on top
The White one in the back

The lake property holds an amazing energy for me and has become a center point of learning and growth. It’s hard to explain but it is my energetic “home” if you will. Since that time I have had many experiences there that directly relate to where my practice is heading and sign to guide me along the way.

The past two trips (the last one being Spring Equinox) were another shining example of a major shift coming. A new journey that must be started.

The first sign was a huge flock of whooping cranes in our bay. For 20+ years the only cranes anyone has seen in our bay has been one mated pair who stays year round and has made it home.

I personally believe “signs” also have to be accompanied by some type of deep emotion or feeling to really be counted as a sign. This is just my personal view and how to keep check on what is connecting and what is just passing through. The flock of predators was a huge sign for me. The cranes were another one of those massive pivotal signs. Something that drove into the core of me and I understood the direction it was pointing me towards. This is going to be directly connected to my magical practice and learning a completely new style of practicing.

The second part of that trip I found this stone…

Some have said an angel, but not my pantheon and not my feeling at all. To me this feels like a representation of The Morrigan in a battle form, between crow and human form, holding a staff/ halberd. I wouldn’t understand until later, but the rock was directly connected to cranes. I’m not going to go into further details yet, as I am still working through it and finding bits and pieces of information.

This second trip on Spring Equinox though was more about my spiritual growth, my connection to The Morrigan, and the path I am walking with Her.

The first sign, and one that went all weekend long, was three crows. They have taken domain over The Death Tree by themselves. We watched them flying all over the property, weaving in and out of the trees, as if playing. They flew low overhead of me, swooping down, then gliding off to weave between the trees over and over. The emotions run deep.

Then I discovered all the recent bone gifts from the dry river bed was from my beloved Turkey vultures. There are four of them, and I watched as they drug the dead down into the river bed.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

They keep picking the spot right next to an area that I have experienced Fae and that now is growing a huge thorn/vine bush… Bush isn’t quite the word as it made of many shoots of vines but they have grown in a large half circle formation, almost cave like. It is where I find most of my hag stones and an arrow head.

When I got close they flew to the trees above but never left their diner find.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There is a deep connection in this valley for me. One I had always felt but only in the past few years am beginning to understand the depths of. I want to feel like there is a place like this for everyone. A place that transports us to something beyond this world but also deeply connected to it. Where nature is allowed to flourish and teach us. To guide us along our path and give us direction. A place that feeds our soul and our magic.

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