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3 Principles of Magic: Part 3: Meditation (Manifestation)

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The third principle of magic is meditation, though I think the more appropriate word would be manifestation. This is the place where the experience of ritual and the knowledge of divination are merged together creating the wisdom or change. This is where powerful magic and transformation occur.

Through the meditation phase we release the energy of mind and soul. Where that energy truly takes shape and creates. This is where we shape reality, truths, and beliefs into something deeply personal. It is where we can see all sides clearly and how they connect and interact with each other. Not a place of either extreme but living in the balance. Balance of body and soul, balance between soul and the Web of Energy, balance between us and the rest of the world. 

Understanding true balance can be difficult in our society since what we see more are sides of extremes. For example: good and evil. This particular concept is very subjective and based on personal perceptions and situational. Some people would say that killing is wrong and evil, yet those same people also have situations where it would be acceptable to them. So in truth, they do not really believe killing is purely evil.

In the magical community hexing seems very shunned, yet they accept things like banishing or freezer spells. If you think about what a hex is at its core (affecting the will of another soul), then all of those fall under that category – it’s just a matter of degrees. 

I’m not saying either way is right or wrong, because I believe that is a personal choice and cases can be made for both sides. In truth I believe both sides are needed. Degrees of a warrior and degrees of a healer, while allowing the situation to dictate the amount of each.

Love and Fear (which is where hate comes from) are two extreme sides of the same pattern, both serving a purpose, the trick is to find the balance between. Balance can only be found once we have gained the experience of each side, gained understanding of knowledge of each side, and then taking a deep dive within, to bring both sides together in harmony.

In Ritual we trained our body and mind to go through the motions of the Sphere of Light. In Divination we gained knowledge and understanding of the energy we were creating it with. Now in meditation we are harnessing the control of that energy and shaping it to our will.

When you go through the exercise now, you will be creating your full sphere. After you have created your two streams of light, allow them to spread out across the shape you have created. Almost like water as it is poured over a ball or like a force field going up. Envision and shape the energy into a sphere around your whole body. Strengthen it with the knowledge that nothing unwanted to you can enter or nothing can enter without your permission. This is your shield, made by your rules.

As I talked about in the beginning, these steps can apply to any magic or working you are doing. By following the three principles you are creating connections within yourself, connections to the web of energy, and harnessing the ability to shape and wield that power.

This is energy magic. It is magic that comes from inside us and that we draw into us. It needs no tools, just our dedication and practice. It has no boundaries, because energy never dies, it just changes forms. The only rules that apply are the ones in nature and within ourselves.

I hope you have enjoyed this three part series and found something useful or inspiring to you.

I know sometimes the world may look bleak but we have a choice in what we do in it. We have choice in what we put our energy into. We have choice in how we react to it. All of that choice resides in you. For me, I will keep trying to see all perspectives. Even if I don’t agree, I can understand, and through understanding perhaps we can find balanced ground.

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