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The Morrigan is as you come to Her

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I have seen and heard people discourage others, especially newcomers to the craft, from working with The Morrigan. They stereotype her as being dark, evil, blood thirsty, all about war and death, because it is the Battle and Death aspects that are most commonly pushed. The Morrigan is so much more than just those aspects, and how she interacts with us has a lot more to do with us than her. If we approach her with fear, fear is probably what we will feel. On the other hand if we come to her openly, without preconceived judgement, then we are allowing her to show her true self to us.

The Morrigan is a High Goddess, and in stories is the only equal to The Dagda which is a High God of the Tuatha de Danann. She is an Earth Goddess, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Magic, Goddess of Sovereignty, Queen of the Fae, The Phantom Queen, a Battle Goddess, the Seerer, , and a shapeshifter. She is in every part of the whole life – death – rebirth cycle.

There are many reasons, in my opinion, why over time she has been reduced to the mainstream vision of her we associate today. Much of it starts with the Christianization of the people and stories being written from a more Christian point of view. Remember it wasn’t just a war on Gods but also women of power, and in many pagan societies women were more equals. Christians were a male dominated religion which led to a male dominated society. This mentality took a toll on all female figures of strength, in many cases turning them into more evil or dark elements.

In current society she is still, on the whole, being viewed in that way because people keep passing down this idea or vision of who she is. I hear some people discouraging new people from working with her because their experience was rough. Talking about how they were raked through the coals by her or completely laid bare by her. I feel there are two reasons for this type of experience. First, and most common, these people came to her at their rock bottom or while already going through some dark times. Thus their mindset was already there and healing is not a simple process. In order to truly heal, you have to clean the wound completely out which can be painful. Secondly they came to her with just these darker aspects in mind, thus expecting certain things from her and that shaped their experience. I’m not saying this is necessarily bad, as sometimes you need those aspects of her, but it continues the diminishment of her true, whole self.

My experience with The Morrigan has been almost the opposite. She has been there in those dark moments. She has been there when I needed to assert my personal sovereignty and give me the strength of a warrior. She has been there while doing painful, deep healing. The point is, yes she was there, but it was my choices, my lessons, my journey that had me in those low points, not her pushing me there. She was there to protect, guide, and support me through those. Forcing me to see the cause and effect of my own actions or inactions. This does not mean she is all love and light either. She has a tough love aura about her and can release rage when it is needed, but the key words here are “love” and “need”. I think of it as a balance of both the light and the dark she holds within, and releases depending on what is needed in the situation.

I feel it is time we started looking at the full Goddess and not just what we find in the mainstream. Your experience is going to be different because you are different. What you learn from her is going to be specific for where you are and what you need at that time. How you choose to see and approach her is the relationship you will manifest with her.

I think she is an amazing Goddess to work with and is a good choice for anyone who is willing to come to her with an open mind.

Will it be rough at times? Certainly, but it is because we need to move forward and grow, which means change, and some people have a rough time with that.

Will it be work? Of course, because every relationship we build requires work and upkeep. In my experience, she does demand consistent work from me, but that may also just be me.

Will it be worth it? In my experience that is a definite YES. Learning through her is an incredible experience. As our relationship strengthens, so does my practice and my workings. I have practiced a long time and never experienced the massive amount of swift growth as I have with her. It’s an incredible experience and I have heard several others talk about similar ones.

When choosing to work with any Deity, come to them with an open mind. Just because others have said these are the aspects of them or this is how you worship them, doesn’t mean that is all they are or have to offer. Take the time to connect and listen. Allow yourself to experience them in your own ways, and do not be as concerned if it is like someone else’s. Your craft and practices are personal and tailored to you, your spiritualism is the same.

If you are not afraid of the work, and you are drawn to her, I would highly suggest trying to connect with The Morrigan.

** Saw this article the day after writing this. It speaks directly to this topic while giving archeological and historical references.

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  1. I agree with your views on The Great Queen. She so many faces and its a balance between light and dark. I have learned much through my years with and in the work She has me do for Her and during different phases of life. Nice to meet someone with a similar view on Her that l have. Blessings

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