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Prayers to The Morrigan

As you will hear me state often, I am a big believer in making your own. With that being said, sometimes we need inspiration in order to get started or how to put something together. Prayer beads can be complicated if you have never used them or seen other examples of them. So I am sharing mine in order to give you an example and hopefully inspiration to make your own.

So why use prayer beads in the first place? Although that answer is different for everyone, for me prayer beads are another way to connect, to show devotions, and to ground and center the mind. By praying we give energy to the prayer and the pattern we are calling to. We are also strengthening the teethers between us and that pattern or deity.

Prayer beads do not have to elaborate or even made out of beads. In a pinch and tight budget, you can just use a piece of string an tie knots into it. It is the prayers themselves that are important.

For me, The Morrigan is much more than just a war, death, battle Goddess. She is my Nine Face Goddess, the guardian of my nine gates representing the soul’s journey through time. The number 3 and 9 have always been important numbers in my life, and turns out The Morrigan may be why. So all of this is reflected in the prayers. My beads are made up of 9 Gateways, each containing 9 keys (aspects), and with a prayer for each of the Morrigan’s aspects or faces. The moon stone at the end is a representation of my soul.

The next set of nine beads going from the soul stone to the rings of beads are specifically for The Morrigan. You can change this to any deity that you work with or exclude them altogether.

The next comes the 9 Gateways and their 9 Keys. This is inspired by my Wheel of Time/ The Soul’s Journey that can be found in the free downloadable workbook in the shop section of this website.

No matter how you choose to put your together, no matter how simple or complex you make your prayers, I highly encourage making some type of prayer part of your daily workings. They can be a powerful tool.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas and inspired you in your craft.

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