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Welcome to Esa’s Valley

We live within arcane lore, secret knowledge. We thrive on the edges, the fringes, the places where things grow and die, ravel and unravel, in the mists where this world bleeds into the other. If you seek knowledge, learn patience, for we guard our secrets well. The deepest answers will only come to the skillful questioner and those who know how to listen. – Crane Practitioner

Spirit of Winter

“I am the Necromancer, The one who calls forth the Dead. Spirits that are stirring, come say what needs to be said.”

As Halloween and Samhain come to a close, many shift gears to more festive thoughts. That shifting is actually more of a new concept than an old. For many, Samhain was the beginning, not a conclusion. The Late Fall and Winter was seen through the lens we see now see October through. The dark cold months could be perilous and all manner of creatures lurked in the growing darkness.

My people in this land were Ozark and Appalachian people – and the old view of this season of time still holds true.

“As our body slows down, our mind becomes more open. In the cold, a fire within us rises. We see that which was unseen, we hear that which was unheard, and feel our ancestors wrapping around us once more.”

The Ancestral Soul

There is a special part of the soul that we carry within us – The Ancestral Soul. The aspect that is blended with each life, and is born again after each death. It is not all our ancestors, but a special blend of certain ones.

It is where our genetic memory comes from, our natural talents and skills. It is the intuition speaking softly to us and guiding the way forward. They are not just ancestors, they are a part of us – We are them, and they were us.

Talking about this and more over on my Patheos column, here, and on YouTube.

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The Witchy Shop!

You will find a variety of items and services within my Witchy Shop, including Personal Tarot and channeled readings, Witchy Mentoring and Spiritual Guidance, along with specialty items being added and changed throughout the year. Our current specialty item is a magically crafted Evil Eye Talisman to protect you, your home, your money, and your creations from the shade of others.

Including my books: Goddess, Sacred Words of TransformationWalking with The Morrigan – Guided Journal The Duality Series: Emotion and Thought – Guided Journal … Kari, Norse God of Voice

“I recently got a reading over the internet from Esa. First, I was very impressed with how spot on it was. I’m generally a little leary of how much energy can really be caught over text but she definitely reached out and found me for this reading. I was expecting a short few card pull and had given a general question that could easily just be yes or no. What I received was not only that answer but more direction and depth than I have gotten in most readings I have sat for. I feel Esa has a beautifully pure connection to spirit. A connection that is rarely seen. I would highly recommend her services for anyone seeking wisdom, insight, or spiritual direction.” – Jennie

“Esa’s craft is so unique and powerful. I was amazed at how she works and blends different magical aspects together, but more so on how extremely effective it was! Thank you for all the help!” – Stacy