We live within arcane lore, secret knowledge. We thrive on the edges, the fringes, the places where things grow and die, ravel and unravel, in the mists where this world bleeds into the other. If you seek knowledge, learn patience, for we guard our secrets well. The deepest answers will only come to the skillful questioner and those who know how to listen. – Crane Practitioner

This is the time of winter, of Isa – the frozen stillness. A time of reflection and reconciliation before our next journey begins. Where everything slows down. Winter is a time where we spend more time within ourselves, than focusing on the world outside of us. It is a time of reflecting on the past year – What worked, and what did not – How we grew, and recognizing what held us back – What we were able to accomplish, and where we still need to go.

Throughout the warm seasons our focus is on planning, working, creating, but in this quiet stillness, as much of nature slumbers, our focus turns inward. Where we take the time for inner assessment and celebrating another turning of the wheel. Be sure to slow down and take advantage of this season. To remember and celebrate your sacred self. Tis the season of Shadows.

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