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Welcome to Esa’s Valley

We live within arcane lore, secret knowledge. We thrive on the edges, the fringes, the places where things grow and die, ravel and unravel, in the mists where this world bleeds into the other. If you seek knowledge, learn patience, for we guard our secrets well. The deepest answers will only come to the skillful questioner and those who know how to listen. – Crane Practitioner

Soul Runes

“The dice roll once again, illuminating shadows and guiding me forward.”

Soul Runes are more than just symbols; they are a complete magical system. Gateways to illumination, deeper understanding, and transformation. Each symbol holds unique energies and meanings, waiting to be unlocked through your practice. From simple readings and shadow work, to complex spells and rituals, discover how these mystical tools can enrich your spiritual practice.

I am creating a whole video series on Soul Runes – from basics to advanced practices. Go here to follow along : Temple Crane – YouTube

If you want to buy a set of custom made Soul Runes that are magically set for you, head over to my shop at the tope of the page.

Where to Start…

Are you wanting to start a Magical or Spiritual Practice but feel overwhelmed by everything out there?

Are you feeling stagnant or disconnected in your current practices?

Maybe you just want to be able to access your full power and gifts. Deepen your connection and practices, forging your own path forward.

Then you might want to check out this article A Different Way for Witches and Pagans to Start It is taking a different approach, along with exercises and ideas, to connect to your deepest power and find your own path forward.

Coming Later this Year – 2024!

Explore the profound teachings of the Crane, learning to traverse between realms and harness the power of transformation. Discover a treasure trove of wisdom and starting places as you learn to forge your own spiritual and magical path. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of techniques, tools, and perspectives offered by the Crane. From unveiling a new divination system, to discovering and connecting with new Guides, this Grimoire flows with innovative approaches to magic and spirituality.

Through a series of immersive practices, and exercises, you’ll cultivate the skills necessary to awaken your latent potential and tap into your inner reservoirs of power. Unlock the structure of spell-crafting and ritual creation as you master the art of manifestation. Hone and develop your own abilities along the way. Journey into the realms of the Unseen – walking, communing, and opening the door of boundless possibilities that lie beyond the mundane.

With each step, you’ll uncover the keys to unlocking your truest self, and embracing the freedom that walking your own way brings.

The Grimoire of the Crane offers a roadmap – guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe. The choice to embark on this journey of magic, mystery, and boundless potential, is yours to make.