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Welcome to Esa’s Valley

We live within arcane lore, secret knowledge. We thrive on the edges, the fringes, the places where things grow and die, ravel and unravel, in the mists where this world bleeds into the other. If you seek knowledge, learn patience, for we guard our secrets well. The deepest answers will only come to the skillful questioner and those who know how to listen. – Crane Practitioner

This Moon Cycle we are Sitting in Taurus

That deep Earthy energy. One that peaks at growth and movement, but also gives us a side of stubbornness. If you are like me, you are feeling the green of spring/summer. The warmth of a new adventure and blossoming of new life all around you. Yet also grounded and digging our roots in deeper. It’s a strange combination, but for me so is Taurus.

What will you do this moon cycle? What will you be bringing into this physical world? What creations will you be setting roots in? Where do you need to be cautious of concerning stubbornness?

The Witchy Shop!

You will find a variety of items and services within my Witchy Shop, including Personal Tarot and channeled readings, Witchy Mentoring and Spiritual Guidance, along with specialty items being added and changed throughout the year. Our current specialty item is a magically crafted Evil Eye Talisman to protect you, your home, your money, and your creations from the shade of others.

Including my books: Goddess, Sacred Words of TransformationWalking with The Morrigan – Guided Journal The Duality Series: Emotion and Thought – Guided Journal

“I recently got a reading over the internet from Esa. First, I was very impressed with how spot on it was. I’m generally a little leary of how much energy can really be caught over text but she definitely reached out and found me for this reading. I was expecting a short few card pull and had given a general question that could easily just be yes or no. What I received was not only that answer but more direction and depth than I have gotten in most readings I have sat for. I feel Esa has a beautifully pure connection to spirit. A connection that is rarely seen. I would highly recommend her services for anyone seeking wisdom, insight, or spiritual direction.” – Jennie

“Esa’s craft is so unique and powerful. I was amazed at how she works and blends different magical aspects together, but more so on how extremely effective it was! Thank you for all the help!” – Stacy

Writing for Patheos…

My column on Patheos is live!

I have used Patheos for many years as a personal resource for information on topics such as Deities, Magical Practices, Paganism, Animism, and other related explorations. They are a highly respected, worldwide, publication and focused on the Spiritual side of life in all it’s forms. It is a group of different voices, sharing their own experiences, thoughts, and journeys. A place where you will find a variety of information, on a wide variety of topics, to inspire you on your own path, whatever it may be.

I am really excited to start this adventure! I will be writing on similar types of topics as on here but they will have their own flare and context. I hope you will join me on this amazing new journey!

Esa’s Valley on Patheos